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Lightweight app that opens .doc files

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I'm using NeoOffice until Windows Office goes Intel, but it takes a long time to open up (I'm assuming that will change once I get more RAM, but still...)

Anyone know of a tiny app that can open and edit (and save) .doc files fairly well? I suppose by tiny, I really mean an application that will open up quickly.



P.S: Now that I look at it, TextEdit isn't half-bad. Are there any others?

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I didn't even know you went mac...

How about OpenOffice, there's an osx port.

Yep, nearly a month ago by now! NeoOffice is similar to OpenOffice--I assume they're both large enough to take a sufficiently long time to load.

I must say TextEdit looks pretty good for smallish .docs.

Yeah, I hadn't tried it for opening .doc files because I assumed it was like WordPad (for Windows)--a bunch of garbled symbols. I tried it at about the same time I created this thread, and it really works excellently! Bold, italics, etc.--I tried opening a file that already had columns, and those opened fine. It just couldn't save back to columns, but I still think that's pretty impressive.

I have a feeling I'll be sticking with TextEdit :).

Thanks everyone,


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