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P990 OSX Complete Theme (now on V2)

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Hello everyone.

Alright all, I've not received my P990 yet but I've begun work on the OSX theme.

Many P-series users will know that I created OSX.SE for Tracker.

My goal is to create the most complete and simple OSX theme. Many themes seem to 'over do' the OSX look and fail to remember that the key to OSX is simplicity.

It's on V2 and will be fully complete come v3.

I finished V1 earlier in the morning and couldn't stop thinking about V2. So it's done.

At the moment I will need people with P990s to use the theme and let me know if there are any glitches (if possible, please take screenshots).

Did I mess up with a color? Does something look out of place?

Help me make this theme the best OSX theme out there.

V.3 will include OSX sounds and fixes.



Download it here.


edit: this took me 2 hours. (mainly because I've had to customize images and I needed to change values with trial and error, SE's Preview screen is crap! You change a value and it updates the NEXT section's screenshot, so you have to click around like crazy!)



I 'may' port it to the M600, not sure yet.

I need help with finding out why one of the tabs displays in white only!

You now have a 'dashboard' feel at the bottom, glass buttons, OSX scroll bars, and I've fixed it so that highlighted text isn't outlines.

I need more help from testers people!

Download V2


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the P990 CAN have a new icon set as far as I know.

I'll be released FOUR versions of V3 when it's complete.

1 with OSX icons

1 without

1 with OSX icons and sounds

1 without both.

As soon as Tracker for UIQ3 is made I'll be updating that old P910 tracker theme I made. It's a pitty I lost my old tracker files when I formatted, otherwise I would have updated the P900/P910 theme with higher quality backgrounds.

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@maninblack, if you could tell me of any faults or glitches you see (preferrably with screenshots) I'd appreciate it.

I installed the theme onto my own p990 but it came out all wierd! However everyone else is saying it looks fine.

Sadly I can't fix the problems if I can't see them.

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