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Multi-Plugin 2.4 for iTunes 7

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Well I fixed it.....

....I also (maybe) fixed the bug that causes Multi-Plugin to crash iTunes on close.

I'll post the update in the following minutes......

If you figure this out, can you tell us how to fix it in M-Plugin 2.3.2 as well? That's the only small, & occasional glitch I've had with it.

I think many of us will stick with iTunes 6 for some time.(And therefore M-Plugin 2.3.2)-- iTunes 7 seems to be buggy, & not an improvement overall. More complaints than usual in these forums, & Apple iTunes forums.

Apple will likely take longer to fix iTunes 7, than you tend to take to fix/address, issues/questions about M-Plugin.

Thanks for all you do, localhost.:cool: Multi-Plugin makes any version of iTunes more fun to use.:)

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Somehow, the EvilLyrics program is not working with it. And I've noticed that by checking the "Disallow Uppercase Titles", it will do it's purpose. But if you uncheck the Hebrew Support and click OK, the Titles will become uppercase again and if you look at the config, the Hebrew is checked again as well as the "Disallow Uppercase Titles", checkmark. I think they mess up each other.

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Thank you for the amazing work.

I have 2 small problems,

1. Every time I install MP and loads correctly the first time, but once I close iTunes and then re-open iTunes it runs the setup again (and copies over some modified file I assume) and then MP doesn't work until I re-install ... any ideas?

2. Also, none of my skins are showing up, I just left them in the skins folder assuming they'd work, but they don't...

[update] Ignore #2, I know why they don't work yet...I hacked a few skins to work until they get updated ... I just copied the 6.0.0.x folders and renamed them as 7.0.0.x and they seem to load fine.

Thank you for any assistance. ;)

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How come multi-plugin.exe never kills itself?? I was tryin to delete the file so i could download the new updated version but i cant because the process is still running. At the moment I don't even have the plugin installed, yet the .exe process is still running and it can't be killed....... Localhost, explain if you can...

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It's a bug in some Windows function that allows me to determine which process is using iTunes.exe, and notify it to the user.

I'd rather have the installer not closing than a lot of people complaining that the installer can't patch iTunes.exe because it's in use. Sorry.

btw, I have almost succeeded muting the DirectSound output, so we'll have Foobar2000 passthrough very soon, I hope :)

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See this.




About the bold-faced type

There is a part that newly became a bold-faced type.

Moreover, there is a framing, and it is clumsy.

The bold-faced type of iTunes disappears if the font that is not the bold-faced

type is treated as a bold-faced type.

In a word, two fonts of a usual thickness are prepared, and one of styles of type

are made a bold-faced type.

However, I am a deadlock for the framing.

About the WindowFX shadow

As you see, the shadow of WindowFX swerves to the right.

The version of WindowFX used is 3.0. The shadow used is Lord-Goku.

This doesn't happen in Objectbar and other usual windows.

About the Magnifying glass icon

Only when a specific font is used, it is generated.

Therefore, it is correct if it is said that there is a problem in my


For instance, I want the icon to be prevented from moving.

The change in the magnifying glass icon might be incomprehensible.

However, it shifts certainly.

Incidentally, the error of the memory often happens still.

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The WindowFX shadow - it's solely a WindowFX issue. I can't fix it. You can try using another WindowFX shadow.

The bold fonts - I might include an option to change it, but not now. It's quite complicated and I don't have the time right now.

The magnifying glass - I can't do anything about it too. Some fonts have larger glyphs for the same font size than others, thus causing the magnifying glass to move a little bit down. Just use a font with normal height.

The memory error - it didn't happen to me for quite some time, if it ever appears again I'll see what I can do.

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hey guys, hi localhost

you did a great job creating such a wonderful plugin, I'm using it for a few months now and it worked without problems. But now with iTunes 7 the skins (I guess 2 are released right now) are not working right. I already reinstalled iTunes and MPlugin. It doesn't skin the top and bottom background. Take a look at the screens.



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