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Multi-Plugin 2.4 for iTunes 7

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Downloaded it, played with it and it's working like charm.... apart from Foobar passthrough that is !!

Besides here are couple of things :

1) Like I asked before, is there Foobar 0.9.x support on the development roadmap of M-Plugin?

2) I don't think it's a MP problem but my iTunes is giving out horribally distorted sound output when QuickTime Audio Output is set to 96KHz/24Bit. When I take it down to 48.8KHz/16Bit all's well. No other apps having problem at outputting 96KHz/24Bit. So any idea what that might be?

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This plugin is causing me real problems. The first time I installed it, it worked perfectly, however, after booting up my computer the next day, iTunes gave me exactly the same error as that described by "CaptainSKA". Uninstalling the Plugin fixed the problem.

I then re-installed the plugin and got the message that iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close, followed by the previous error.

After uninstalling the plugin and opening itunes, just before iTunes opens, I get this message

"The application or DLL C;Program FilesiTunesMPlugin.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette."

After installing or unistalling Multi-plugin, the application fails to stop itself and the process continues running, taking up RAM. I cannot kill the process, however i try.

I also have a problem with Coverflow in iTunes, there is a black line running corner to corner on each album.

I tried unistalling everything, then installing quicktime by itself and so on, but it still crashes.

Sorry to sound like I'm complaining, and I really appreciate the Plugin, but could someone help me with these difficulties?

P.S, Sorry for the dodgy handling of picture attachments, I was totally confused and don't know how to put the images in the right places.




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The shadow of WindowFX swerves to the right.

The magnifying glass icon shifts below when a large font is used.

The reading error of the memory happens when coverflow is overworked.

Only when Multi-Plugin is installed, these are generated.

Moreover, some parts are bold-faced types.

Please correct these.

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Ok... I've been having some problems with itunes and while I can't directly attribute it to mplugin I suspect it may be the cause.

Basically the window just goes wild (see screen shot). shot00004wb0.th.jpg

Only the front window is real- as in responds to clicks and stuff.

I can't really tell what I've done to trigger this behaviour but it has happened at least 5 times. I never experienced it with out mplugin.

Can anyone shed some light on this strange problem?

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