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Multi-Plugin 2.4 for iTunes 7

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"This is the stable version of Multi-Plugin for iTunes 7.

Click the image to download, or use a previous installer with Web Update."

sorry for this question,

which image do you mean?

i can't use web update my pc with flykite is not online.

do you have direct link?

thank you.

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i use firefox and there is no img even i refreshed many times/reload the ffox

but then i remember i still have another browser to try. IE (almost forgot that i have this)

it shows the broken img but the link to download is work.

Btw, i didn't disable images in my ff. I think ff will display nothing if the img is broken.

Thank alot anyway.

my music is back!


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I get this error every time I try to start iTunes ( with mplugin (2.4.2) installed:

"AppName: itunes.exe AppVer: ModName: mplugin.dll

ModVer: Offset: 00015842"

It's kind of irritating because iTunes is such a memory killer if I don't have mplugin installed, is there a way to fix it?

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Any new developments on the next version of Multi-Plugin, any updates?

Cant wait for this since almost my entire library is in Hebrew :)

Hope everything is alright and thank you, you are doing a great service to the many Israelis that cant see anything on their Ipods!!

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Okay, I registered just to say this.

Multi-Plugin hides the "Show Duplicate Songs" and "View Options". I find this somewhat annoying cause I have to uninstall the plugin when I want to use the "Show Duplicate Songs" function, but then I have to reinstall the plugin after so I can use the media keys on my laptop. I was wondering if there will be a fix for this later on.

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