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I've been playing with a lot of different design ideas, had some friends come up with some designs, and have been, in general, very indesicive. Rumshot's official release (1.0) is pending me completing the website, getting forums up for it, ect. I'm rewriting Kapsules at the moment and that's going to need a new website, and I would like a place for Nubs and the other tiny apps I've written to have a home.

I always like to see what other people think, so here goes... attached you'll find what I am considering for the final designs for Shellscape's website (content is pretty sparse in this preview), Rumshot and Kapsules.

It should be noted that the layout is heavily inspired by another website out there. If I go ahead with these then I'll be noting that on the sites. (Anyone who has followed any of my work knows that I'm a stickler for giving credit where credit is due.)




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I like the basic layout but would also agree that the gray just dosen't fit in. You might want to see about a 2 tone with the lighter color in the middle to atract the eye and enable easier reading of the text. Or do like what you did with the kaps one and pick a color and make it lighter in each segment. Also I see the left pane will be used for navigation the and the middle for the discription but nothing in the right. I would suggest using the right pane to show screen shots. This will make since to the user on a subconsious level and rebalance the site so it does not feel like one side is overloaded. Especially if you go with the 3 tone fade.

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