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InspiratSE skin for iTunes 7

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Hi, i've updated my InspiratSE skin for MultiPlugin to work with iTunes 7. Most of the graphics are redone so you might get something new... Thx Localhost for the quick temp- Update of his Plugin.

Changes in the Readme.... enjoy


If there are enough of you intersted in using my other iTunes skins with iTunes 7 please tell me... i didn't have much time in future but i may find time update them all...


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thanks for the updae :) one prob, the bottom bar of itunes isnt skinned for me....

Hey, the problem was a file called Background_Bottom2.bmp. It had two problems:

1. It should be named "Background_Bottom.bmp"

2. The dimensions of the bmp should have been 14x27 and not 14x34 or whatever it was it had.

Beautiful skin! Thanks a lot!

Fixed version: http://www.pramirez.net/uploads/InspiratSE.zip

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