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Official Od Docklet Thread!

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Yes, but there's HUGE difference between iPod and Kkmenu. I mean for us, East Europeans. I'm from Poland and I won't buy Kkmenu too....I'll have to stick with this imperfect release and hope that Jiri will publish the source and someone will take this work. And improve this great app for free.

Man, I've just calculated in my head how much 20$ is in Poland. Well it's not that much, but it's far too much for such a tiny app.

:cry: :cry:

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I think that the line is not closed yet as I am listening to you (as I always was when you wanted me to implement new features into kkmenu) and I am thinking...

You know, this is my first attempt to present and sell my work. Just think about it: It is worldwide.

For me $20 = approx. 600 czech crowns = one pack of Pampers or Huggies (for ma baby). It is really not too expensive and I cannot imagine that I could survive for $20 per month. I guess that for Germans, Netherlands (you know west europe) 20EUR is almost nothing.

At the other hand, I know very well that the life level varies greatly when moving around europe (from east to west). Obviously I know that there is hardly any chance that anyone from the former eastern europe will pay. The reasons are partially two: 1. They were tought by the communistic system that to survive, it is required to steel "small" things (not money but only things). I can see that in my country, 13 years after the system changed, this persists; it is built deeply in the mentality of people so it changes very slowly). 2. Their life level does not allow for paying that.

Again at the other hand: I was asked by some americans: Where can I pay to receive MY support and to be sure that you are working on that? It is the same with me and Stardock. I pay to Stardock regularly for years as I love their work and I understand that if everyone steels their products, the will stop existing (?bankruptcy?).

Conclusion: I probably tuned the price wrong. But it is simple to change it. So just stay following the kkweb.

P.S.: Forget that I could ever give the sources to anyone (that was in the beginning when the kkmenu was really simple). You can only see that it is a tiny program. But you cannot imagine the know how behind that. It is very simple to make a docklet which conects somewhere and displays something (just a few hours of work for me). But especially walking the windows shell namespace as well as displaying the tray icons as well as drawing the skin properly and fast ... all these and much more are really tricky.

Thank you all for your oppinions & best regards,


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Originally posted by wraith@Oct 2 2003, 05:02 PM

Hi Unbeliever,

Looking at your footer, I can't help but notice that you just spent at least 20 months worth of money on an mp3 player. (I don't want to flame you, just set things in perspective.)


actually it`s more like a 24 months since i worked for two years (i`m still a student) to buy the iPod. It was very, very hard to earn that much money but since it`s something i wanted ever since it was released in 2001, i managed work and studies and earned the money i needed. <_<

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you wanted docklets news, you got docklets news (just being nasty cause i wasn`t picked for newsposter :rant: )


Digital clock for 0.99 on Wincustomize.com


Jiri really listened for our complaints about the KkMenu and fixed lots of bugs+lovered the price from $20 to $10(as soon as i get my pay i`ll buy the KkMenu, it`s a way to say thanks to a guy who really listens to what to pple hv to say)

he also said in his to do list: PORT TO Yz!!!!!!! :rule:

here`s what he wrote on his (KkMenu) website:

Version 1.02: Minor updates 

Released on: 10/03/2003 08:25:27 

Changes:  1. Some tray icons detect correctly but not display (i.e. display as transparent square), for example the GetRight download icons: This now works fine. 2. The tray icon now can serve for both: Openning menu and displaying tray icons (depends on where you click). 3. The new lines in the tray icon tip are now automatically replaced with the [-] character. 4. The price of KkMenu changed from $20 to $10. To dos: 1. Fix the bug with crappy icons under XP. 2. Make dynamic folders working on LAN. 3. Port it do Yazz. 4. Design the KkMenu plugin interface. 5. Implement support for the Object Dock theming. 6. Fix the bug with menus hanging on the tray.

Just one question Jiri, when i pay for KkMenu will i be able to use both Yz and OD version?

Cheers to ya all

(now i`m officially asking u (if u like it) to buy KkMenu. i don`t think we should loose this guy since he did so much for us (for the beginning he listens to us (unlike guys from StarDock - i need auto focus so much :rant: :shy: (sorry)))

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There is just a question i'm asking, i don't know under witch license is OD but it's a freeware (for the moment) are you sure to be allowed to make money developing a docklet for a freeware??? i mean for a software it's all right if the company that produce the software allow you to developp and sell a plugin, but for a freeware???

i knwo you'll tell me that you spent time on the project... working hard... project finished... all that... but like most people developping docklet it's not to make money, it's to make you (developers) happy with your products.

don't think it's a personnal attack :) i'm not using your docklet (maybe if it was free but... i've found my own solution) but think that if everybody made docklets as sharware... OD, YZD and MB wouldn't be so known nowadays!!

since about a month you can see it everywhere in the news sites and i think it's very cool :)

thank you anyway kakacek for your work :) i hope i'll have the chance to use it freely (Y) (Y) (Y)

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Originally posted by Unbeliever@Oct 3 2003, 10:05 PM

Jiri really listened for our complaints about the KkMenu and fixed lots of bugs+lovered the price from $20 to $10


I read well... it say pay... Pay for a docklet or something for objectdock...

Well he is very optimist :D

Good luck (Y) :6

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