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Official Od Docklet Thread!

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Well, I did some tests about that, but Jeff told me they gonna build a plugin support in the next version so... I don't know :)

For the note:

- I managed to intercept the mouse clicks, and to change the caption :)

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Siwu, maybe you should try to continue development of the docklets for OD, because it might be easy to port your current docklets, anyways you could wait until OD comes with that feature to see if it works for your docklets.

Docklets are great, having them on OD will be great, that is the only thing missing to is.

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Hey guys, take a look at : http://methodik.pixelarmy.org/ (Y)

These guys have a few gooooood software. :D

One of these is the xTaskSwitch. It function like the "tasks" docklet.

But it doesnt have the look and feel. But we could talk to them and

ask for a xTaskSwitch that works like "tasks" docklet....

Give them a try.

And what about invite them to join the comunity

and see if they can develope some useful pieces

for the aqua-soft comunity ?? :woot:

whatever .... just think they Rock!! :rule:

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I am currently finishing the new release. It includes:

1. Bug fixies of what you reported at wincustomize (and many more).

2. The dynamic folders support browsing through everything you can browse with the explorer (including control panels, recycle bin, printers, network connections etc).

3. The Start menu/Programs folder supports merging two directories.

In the future I plan to:

1. Implement the tray icons suport (actually this now works somehow).

2. Implement the context menus at dynamic folders.

3. As a bonus: Create another docklet which will display the tray icons directly on the dock (this actually works somehow).

Bad news: The KkMenu will become shareware in its next release.


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Originally posted by kakacek@Sep 15 2003, 10:18 AM

Bad news: The KkMenu will become shareware in its next release.

shareware? are you sure? wouldn't it be better to have a paypal button on the website of kkmenu? docks and other docklets are not shareware. :(

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It is simple: I am completely satisfied with the current release of KkMenu (it supports control panels, start menus and many others, yet unpublished :-)). Continuing the KkMenu development is for me the awfull waste of time (I am about to make my own dock), except of I have some profit from it. I have been trying to ask you for some money for a long time. I have received nothing. So I will make it a shareware (my company will sell it as its product). In case that many of you pay for that I will continue the KkMenu development (including porting it into Yazz docklet). Otherwise I will leave it as is.

The peypal problem: As I live in the former eastern europe country (Czech Republic), the paypal is not accessible for me. I tried to communicate to paypal but they refused me. I also tried some other possibilities of how to get the money from people. Conclusion: In my country this is a problem. There are three possible solutions: 1. The banknote in the the envelope (which completely failed). 2. The bank connection (which is terrible expensive - just for your imagination: if you send to me $20 via bank connection, I will receive $20 but pay $20 for the transfer). 3. Make it a shareware and sell it via the internet shop of my company.

Best regards,


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