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New iTunes 7

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Although I'm happy to see Cover Flow integrated into iTunes... I'm disappointed that they eliminated some of the cool visual elements:

. The glow effect around the album cover when the mouse hovers over.

. The way that the album covers floated to follow the track of the mouse... it had a very liquid kind of look about it... I'm not describing it well... but it was an awesome visual effect.

With the original Cover Flow, I would group my albums by artist. It was smart enough to keep compilation albums grouped together (as long as "Part of a compilation" is check off on the tracks). iTunes is showing a separate cover for each track on a compilation ablum when I sort by Artist. I've even checked the "Group compilations when browsing" option in the General Preferences but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Anyone finding the "automatic" download of missing album art to be flaky? I have albums that show up in the mini store but no artwork appearing in Cover Flow. And yes, I have the option checked off in the General Preferences.

Ok... I'm liking the integrated Cover Flow less and less... I miss the ability to right-click and do a Google or Amazon search for artwork.

Also, now that Apple bought the rights to it... I'm farily certain we won't be seeing any cool enhancements to it. If it had remained in the hands of the original developer, I'm sure s/he would have been inclined to keep adding features.

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I didn't experience any bugs. :slant:

Stick with iTunes 6 until 7.0.1 is released with fixes, if you have a problem.

I would except I installed 7 and its too hard to get my whole sorted library back the way it was in 6... anyone else had trouble with this?

I've tried using the library backups found in "previous libraries" folder... no luck, itunes 6 doesnt recognise them.

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Wow, I've never seen Apple make so many bad decisions with one piece of software. It's like they're already losing their edge. Where's my equalizer button? Why is there a useless Eject button (with no regard as to whether there is even a disk in the drive) in its place? What's with this horrible new 'LOOK I CAN USE PHOTOSHOP GRADIENTS!!' skin? And the views? Completely useless. Don't even get me started on bloated memory usage.

Don't get me wrong, I love macs. I do NOT, however, like this new iTunes 7 with all of its stupid gimmicks. Flame me all you want.

Get this crap offa my computer.

EDIT EDIT: To anyone wishing to revert back to iTunes 6, Apple was kind enough to backup your library file before updating it. It's located in a subfolder called 'Previous iTunes Libraries' in your 'My Music' folder. You're gonna need it -- 6 won't read 7's library file.

How do you do this? 6 doesn't want to read the 7's back-up file either.

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So I downloaded this behemoth on my Mac, wanting to give it a try, to prove myself wrong. I would love for Apple to prove me wrong, except I can't run it for more than 5 minutes without it crashing. I've never felt such frustration and disappointment.

@ Matt - iTunes should have created a folder titled "Previous iTunes Libraries" in your iTunes folder. Import that. Thank God they got one thing right in that.

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ive read about some of you on windows saying itunes7 is taking more ram than usual, well id say its an assload more for me.

i can EASILY make the new itunes 7 use 500mb+ of ram. that is COMPLETELY rediculous, what about people that only have 512mb ram entirely? im not one of those people, but i for one am going back to itunes 6 until this new version has its kinks worked out.

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ii recently downgraded to an nvidia 5200 graphics card could that be why coverflow keeps leaving inprints on my desktop? also it doesnt actually show up in itunes at all....it works fine on my sisters old ibook g4 though.....is my graphics card te problem or is coverflow to buggy?

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It only takes about 20MB on my pc (out of 1GB).

But I have the following problem: it doesn't seem to remember my preferences! I mean, I disabled (more than once) that TV shows from the library and it keeps coming back. Also (the most annoying part) I keep getting that alert about the 'download album artwork' from iTunes Setup Assistant every time I start it :( Are these bugs, or did I do something wrong? (though i can't see what could i have done wrong ?!?!!)


(edit) oh - and it crashed AveDesk couple times - GRRRRRRRR

I didn't manage to crash avedesk before...

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Why can't I ever find any one problem that is consistent with everyone with iTunes 7? I see so many problems, with almost no duplication, save a handful. My own? iTunes 7 crashes whenever I go to the forsaken iPod information page thingie (don't even know the name of it because it never stays open long enough). If I reopen iTunes with the iPod connected, and don't go to that page, it works just fine, well, other than being a RAM *****. If I could turn that stupid page off, I could probably be golden.

Apparently, Apple has told some people that they hope to have an iTunes 7.x sometime at the end of September, which will hopefully fix some problems.

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I think I'll wait for that 7.x, thanks.

And I hope the layout is a little nicer then, too.

I think they jumped the gun on releasing it with all thsoe changes, so as a result it came out nasty, so while the fresh iPods were to Steve's spec, the new iTunes wasn't questioned in terms of interface.

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well hey, it was something wrong with my pc, the reason it wouldnt install that is. I searched for the error online, and once again, it was a dll hell situation.

Now that I have iTunes 7 installed, I actually really like it. In terms of ram, it only takes more memory when COVERFLOW is on. Otherwise, on my machine it is significantly less ram hoggish.

I preffered the old lighter blues, however in the party playlist, that dark blue is rather nice. Sometimes my music goes a bit crackly, and I have to reopen iTunes, but I think that with the ammount of new features and stuff things like this are bound to happen, there are problems with every new release of something. Obviously, the next version of iTunes 7 will tackle these things but hey, im happy.

Also, id like to note, that when I accidentally stuffed up my database via an album grabber program, I deleted the database, and re-added all my music. The weird thing is, when I added all my music, even though I dont have an iTunes account (i live in singapore), It started DOWNLOADING album art from iTunes. Now all 4500 of my songs have album art. Neat

- Now thats a bug I benifited from :)

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