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Cerebro for GNOME and Compiz

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The wait is over guys :D , here is the first public version of Cerebro for Linux. Cerebro is a GuiKit for OSX done by Stefanka and I'm releasing this with his permission.

I consider this a 0.9 version because I have still work to do but I didn't want to make people wait more as the theme I usable and almost finished. The only thing that is not finished are the tabs because I still can't decide the final design, lol , at least top tabs look ok.

What is going to be released

2 Compiz cgwd themes

One borderless so you will have to use key bindings to resize your window and one with borders, choose the one you prefer.

GTK Theme

Well the name says everything.


Coming soon, probably tomorrow because I still have to fix two problems I have.

aMSN skin

Coming soon, probably the same as my Aquaish skin but with Cerebro scrollbars and some color changes to match the GTK theme.




Cerebro for Linux


You need murrine engine too because I use it to render some parts of the theme. Get it at gnome-look.org

Use your panels with a size of 24px or it might look weird.

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