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1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, 194,670 miles

It was my moms car, she got a new 2004 Monte Carlo, so I got this one.

I've put a pioneer DEH-4800MP stereo in it, still has stock speakers, and XM Satellite Radio (Roady XT)

and ofcourse I have adorned the back window with an O&A WOW sticker, my Wolf 103 logo, and an Apple sticker http://img135.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dsc029410ql5.jpg

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My everyday transportation :P


I take it to school then back home. I live near Steinway Street, Queens so I don't have to go anywhere far to shop or anything. Everything is close to me so I walk (and it's good for health :P lol)

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Why Not?

Mines a 2005 BMW Series Bimmer (or BEAMER for you americans)


and im F------ proud of it too!

I also have a 2002 series I'll post tommarow (good for the wife)

Actually if any one wants to go on a cruise this december, we've already paid the 2080 for two, they offer additional people for 350 each, in their own cabin, it's a meditrainain cruse.... in december..... just contact me.... no a bad deal for a cruise that includes everything but liquor... it's 7 days at sea!

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