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This AveDesk Icon Effect


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That is absolutly avedesk. After you've made one just go to the 'Desklets Control Panel' and add another PidlShortcut but the one without the 'My Computer' in it's name, then go to it's Properties, go to the Shortcut tab and define the Shortcut you want to assign it.. ;)

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Hm? Why not?

Right click and go to Control Panel in the AveDesk icon in your taskbar.

Go to Desklets. Then go to Add...

Add a PidlShortcut

Then right click the desklet.

Go to the "Shortcut" tab.

put in the line your drive location. For example, mine is C: and another one is D:

Go to the "Label Format" tab.

Put in the line %f or something like that.

If you want to have a shortcut leading to a folder, have something in your line %r, so it can calculate your size of the folder within the folders. (Sorry if I can't make this any more clear)

Something like this for a music folder will do.

%r %f Songs

And in my desktop, it shows something like 648 songs.

You can also put

%r %s %# %f Songs

In my Music shortcut, it would show something like

3.02 GB

648 Songs

And for the labels to be at the right side, do this. Right click the desklet and go to Desklet Properties. Go to the "Label" tab.

Hor. Alignment - Left

Ver. Alignment - Middle

Position and Size - Left

I hope I helped out.

EDIT: Took to long to make this. Lol. Never knew other members posted already. Hope I helped still.

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Problem with objectbar, None of the mac themes I dled have that theme for object bar just samurize, Should I get samurize?

Actually Samurize isnt workin at all. I loaded up the finder and everything and I would click on the finder and I could move it around and stuff but I couldnt right click and do anything with the finder thing that came up.

Then I restarted my pc and it was gone.

Any other way to get that stuff next to my start button.

Got it working. I think.

edit; No Not working at all.

Does anybody know why, After I uninstalled samurize the finder is still on my desktop.

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