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Vista RC1


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I like the new OS, it's not just XP with new skin! The only problem is it'll take some time for the compatibility to improve so most of the hardware and software works. Did anyone notice the "open location" when you right click on shortcuts? On XP you had to R-click, then prop. then "find target". This is nice when you'r copying c****. :-)

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I downloaded Beta 2 a while back, but never bothered installing it on anything, Downloading RC1 now to try it out with Bootcamp

Edit: I'm on Vista right now in Bootcamp, Works very well with it. My only big complaint is that it gobbles up about 8GB, and MacDrive 6 doesn't work on it

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I absolutely love the new copy and move dialog. The glass panes seperating is pretty nifty.

Nobody answered the question if you can upgrade off of XP Pro, it's yes, you can, or you can clean install. The upgrade is ridiculously long, one laptop I was upgrading never actually made it through the entire upgrade, after sitting for about twenty hours, I just turned off the laptop, which then Vista asked if I wanted to Rollback to Win XP because the install wasn't sucessful. So at least if you do try and upgrade and you don't like how long it's taking, you can just roll back without too much hassle. Otherwise though, if you do get it to upgrade, it's awesome, really keeps all your files just as they were, I've not noticed anything yet that was misplaced or changed because of the upgrade.

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what about desktop gadgets? are they as good as dashboard? I think its a bit of a joke vista needs such a good pc to run full spec, i mean look at os x and xgl/aiglx, they look just as good if not better and run on way older hardware. I dont care much for the icons ither...

It's not like Dashboard. You can move the "gadgets" from the sidebar onto the desktop, which is kinda neat. But I like keeping my desk neat, so I prefer Dashboard over Gadgets.

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Its not XP with a different skin.

I hate when people say that. You need to go read about it.

I have read about it... what's frustrating is that the Windows Vista website is mostly fluff... it doesn't go into much detail. I see they have added features to enhance the user experience, i.e. photos, music, backup, etc.... but nothing seems ground-breaking. Early on they touted WinFS... a database oriented file system... but that was scrapped years ago.

As anyone who knows me can tell you... I'm OS-agnostic. I write software for Windows systems. So I'm knee deep in Windows every freakin' day. But so far... I'm not finding the "breakthrough computing experience" that is touted on their site. For know I'll stick with OS X as my primary system. But of course I'll have several VM's running Windows so I can do my work.

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Just installed it today. Had trouble at first, got several errors. Searched for hours, a lot of people had the "8007327017" error. The solution seemed to be that you can only install it from a DVD-ROM, and it is recommended to burn the .iso at a very low speed. My laptop only has a DVD-RW, so I had to download isobuster and install it from there.

The trouble was totally worth it, I love the new design and effects, it runs veeeeeeery smooth (P4 3.2 Gs, 2 Gs RAM), no problems with drivers or software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Office 2003, Firefox, Nero, iTunes and some games everything worked like a charm). The new Windows Media Player is pretty sweet, works much better than the WMP 11 beta for XP, gadgets are pretty cool too (not too many out yet).

I'm very happy with it, I have to play with it some more, but it may replace XP for me :)

Anybody tried Norton Internet Security? Or any free antivirus? (AGV, whatever).

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Huh? I had no trouble installing it from hard.

BTW I had no errors in Vista and all my hardware is working (including the wireless adapter). Guess I'm just lucky! :)

If you install from a DVD, it is recommended to use a DVD-ROM, and not a DVD-RW, which for some reason (if I remember correctly reading speed) sometimes doesn't work for some people. I also installed it from my hard drive, but first I tried with a DVD and it didn't work.

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