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Vista RC1


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Gotta say the thing runs like gummy bears. Installs flawlessly on the Macbook with a few issues (had to install drivers for audio and isight). Other than that its actually a decent os. Nothing has crashed yet, its very responsive and fast. Aero is still an ugly pos but it grows on you. Love the control panel, very well laid out. You can customize just about everything. The new packed apps are okay, but still feel and look like Microsoft apps.

Anyone else tried out RC1~ builds of vista? If so post your experience, be neat to see how this dreaded os turned out in the end.

Major Con

- When a window is maximized, it loses transparency and goes pitch black. Looks as if it is missing graphics of some sort, the task-bar also loses its transparency. I know this is done by design, but least make it look nicer.

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I have a pre-RC1 build right now, and I like it. It seems to work very well. I tend to like the Aero interface, but don't worry, the very person that provided the patched UXTheme for Neowin is working on patching Vista's UXTheme as well.

Also, people are filing bur reports ("bugging") about the maximizing issue. As far as I know, that's going to be changed.

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Yep, and if you want to resize the partition, all you have to do is run bootcamp again, (found that out today lol, would of saved me so much trouble in the past).

I can walk you through it nancy on msn if you want. Its dead easy.

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Yeah, I tried to install on Parallels but Vista needs ACPI which Parallels doesn't have. So...time to either:

1. Bootcamp it on my iMac

2. Install it on the good ol' PC.

Edit: Just dual booted it. It's good, visual wise. The minimize and close effects were copied from OS X. Other than that it's comfortable.

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Just installed RC1 in a VM (VMWare 5.5) on a 2.8GHz Core Duo box with 1GB RAM and it's sloooooooooowwwww....

... I played around with it for a few minutes... I'm totally unimpressed... it just seems like XP with a different skin... 5 years for this!!! Yikes... what a waste.

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