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Will Avetunes Ever Support Winamp?


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Foobar2000 support: Hmmm... hard to find a good way to detect if foobar2000 is running.

i know nothing about this so please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.. but wouldn't the winamp (avetunes) work with foobar as long as you have the winamp API plugin, the same plugin that makes cd art display work with foobar. Just a thought, cause it might save you the time of trying to code it when you can just link people to the plugin. :)

and although i won't be paying $3 for this program, not that i wouldn't, but it's just not somehting i would use very much, but if anyone deserves money for hard work, i'm sure everyone would agree that it's you. So do what you have to do Andreas, i for one will never look down on you for doing it, charge for avedesk if you want, you deserve a piece of the pie.

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maybe something like this to detect foobar:

function IsProcess(sExe: string): Boolean;


** This routine examines Windows processes currently running to see if a

** certain program is running.


** sExe : The executable name of the program to check.

** Result: True if the program is running, False otherwise.



liI, lSnapShot: Longint;

rProcess : TProcessEntry32;

EXEName : String;


Result := False;

EXEName := UpperCase(sExe);

lSnapShot := CreateToolHelpSnapShot(TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS, 0);

if lSnapShot <> 0 then begin

rProcess.iSize := SizeOf(rProcess);

liI := ProcessFirst(lSnapShot, rProcess);

while liI <> 0 do begin

if Pos(EXEName, UpperCase(rProcess.aExeFile)) <> 0 then begin

Result := True;



liI := ProcessNext(lSnapShot, rProcess);







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