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Will Avetunes Ever Support Winamp?


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Okay I've been using Avetunes just for the CD art display, But since itunes refuses many plugins. Like no Visualization/Spectrum Displays, global hotkeys (im talking about built in), Flac support, high mem usage I'm begging to drift away from it.

I would love winamp to have cd art display but the program winamp CD art has just one or two skins, and AveTunes has so many nice ones. If it was somehow possible to just have Avetunes display Winamp CD art via display the picture embedded in the ID3 tag, that would be awesome.

Note: my main cause of switching to winamp from itunes is the fact that there are LOADS and i mean LOADS of g15 (logitech keyboard) plugins which support winamp more than itunes simply because itunes refuses many things to hook to itself, (DFX for example).

I've tried time and time again to email apple to open up itunes a little more to allow plugin support as winamp has but I've been denied any real response. Not even a message saying they received my email.

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omg PLEASE dooo It would be such an awsome feature for AVedesk 1.3, ur alrdy a king in my book this would make u GOD !!.

Here is an example of what winamp can allow me to do that itunes will refuse




Anyways I hope you do consider it.


Yea but avetunes has much nicer ones still, I mean if they were ported i guess.

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yes unbelieve except i dont intend on making AveDesk, With the SDK. is there an SDK for avetunes, so that its possible to work with it. As i posted earlier im noob programmer I know jack all. So If i can get some info on what language its written in so i can start my learning experience and hopefully be able to include some code that will enable Winamp support so that I can give it to our man Ave to include it in a future update of Avetunes.

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Here's an idea. Instead of begging. Maybe someone should set up a paypal donate fund for Ave to create AveAmp or wtf? Come on a day's worth of programming is considerable time & money is always a good motivator.

Think about it, there's over 15,000 users (being conservative I think) surely 500 people could chip in a buck?

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I have an experimental version of AveTunes supporting Winamp.

Currently supported:

+ basic information such as artist, title, name, genre

+ progressbar and timers working

+ albumart -> folder.jpg and embedded albumart

+ basic actions: play/pause, prev, next

+ volume

Not supported currently:

+ add file

+ add coverart

+open file

+ playlist

+ changing position of track thru progressbar (activewinamp bug maybe)

+ some information pieces missing still, like year


3 bucks for a download, whaddya think?

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