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Mac Mini Setup - by Duckie

Click each thumbnail for the full image:

th_IMG_0001.jpg th_IMG_0009.jpg

th_IMG_0010.jpg th_IMG_0006.jpg

Used For:

TV - Digital Cable (HDTV Ant Ready)

iTunes Content (Movies, TV, etc.)

Torrent Content (Movies, TV, etc.)


Web Design




Mac Mini - LINK


2 GB ram - LINK

Maxtor 500gb SATA - LINK

Seagate 320gb ATA - LINK

Seagate 320gb ATA - LINK

3 miniStack V2's - LINK

SATA to IDE converter - LINK

DVI to HDMI converter - LINK

Belkin PureAV Digital Optical Audio Cable - LINK


Apple Bluetooth Keyboard - LINK

Apple Bluetooth Mouse - LINK

Apple Remote - LINK

iSight - LINK

Logitech Gamepad (PS style) - LINK

EyeTV Hybrid - LINK

Crucial All-in-one Card Reader - LINK


Stattoo - LINK



Call Of Duty 2 - LINK

Doom 3 - LINK

Jedi Knight Academy - LINK

Armagetron Advanced - LINK

Mame - LINK

Star Wars - Battlefront - LINK

Other Hardware:

Olevia 32" 16:9 HDTV Model 332H - LINK

Yamaha HTR-5830 550W Cinema DSP reciever - LINK

Netgear WGR614 Wireless G Router - LINK


White 'IKEA style' cabinet - $20 worth of MDF (built by me)

Legs on White cabinet - Old legs from side table (painted silver)

Total cost:



1. Including the 60gb in the Mac Mini, the total HD space is exactly 1.2tb

2. I had to cut out the side of one of the miniStacks to fit the SATA to IDE converter. I cut it using a razor by scoring it, then breaking it away with a wrench. It made a clean cut. I used electrical tape to seal the hole and then painted the tape silver to match the case. It's very subtle. It only sticks out about 1cm. Look closely and you can almost see it in THIS one on the left side of the top miniStack.

3. Cabinet has hidden compartment in the back for cords and power supplies.

4. iSight is mounted on top of the HDTV

5. Software on desktop is Stattoo. Displays Time, Date, Weather, and HD space on each drive.

6. I use THIS CHAIR, every now and then, when I have to do high res Photoshop stuff. I built a 1 1/2 foot x 1 1/2 foot table that fits on the arm for my mouse. Keyboard sits in my lap.

Any questions?


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Woah, this is really cool. It's nice that you built your own cabinet, and all those converters and extra harddrives look like they come in handy.

I really dig the design of your place. All of it, it looks like something out of a magazine.

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I have the same power strip as you do. Cool. I've always liked your shots, and slowly but surely, my desk is becoming yours (I'm going to buy a logitech keyboard and mouse, I want Creature speakers, I bought a wooden desk, I want to buy a Griffin Elevator/iCurve, and finally, I am going to buy a nice external monitor). But, I'll need to save up my money for that.

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congrat...nice setup, beautiful isn't it?

i have a question? can u tell me that 23" of urs do u see any light pink hue cover the screen?

i have one, too... and use it with windows PC, i have to calibrate it inoder to get a native resolution, you're on Mac maybe different?

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