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Wow dude. this desk is soo clean.. You running OS X on that? or is it just the theme?

love the monitors and the TV too..

What keyboard is that BTW?

Just the Milk VS by KoL - http://mrbsdomain.com/gallery2/junk/desktop_11_08.png.html

The keyboard is the Saitek Eclipse - http://www.saitekusa.com/prod/eclipse.htm

Do you guys have helpful links for cable management.. i would really love it.

I used a pair of these cable management trays. I was able to use large binder clips to attach it to my desk rather than drill screws into metal - http://www.overstock.com/Office-Supplies/B...30/product.html

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Wow!!! those cord management articles at Life Hacker are great! A truly recommended lecture before posting your wokrstation. I'll try and see if I can post a before and after on my own (or at least an after).

Yeah they did help a lot. Would have helped more if I actually had access to the back of my desk though, oi! Now I know what a mechanic feels like lying underneath a car looking up trying to fix things. x_x

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Ohh, where did you get those little guys on your shelf above your monitor?

They're called Mighty Muggs and I got them at Target. I got into them after trying to figure out what fun things to collect. Each should be roughly $11.

As for the monitor, I got it at Best Buy when they were being discontinued. The model is SyncMaster2493HM.

It just so happened that my old 22" Gateway monitor went bad (mainboard was shorting) after about 2 years; and luckily having the 3 year warranty, I sent the sucker in. 2 days later, I received a call telling me it was unable to be repaired, and to come in and pick out a new monitor. And Ta-da.

// oh, and the Mini is hooked up to my TV using a standard VGA cable. Currently using the VGA-to-DVI adapter that came with the Mini. Also using a standard 3.5mm male-to-male cable from Mini to TV for audio.

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