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Originally, my new machine -- codenamed "Orion" -- was a $700 build. It had a 2.4GHz Core 2 Quad, 8GB of RAM, a 22" LCD monitor, a nice motherboard, and a 1024MB nVidia 9500GT graphics card.

... Easy to say $700 was a tad off from what I can grasp. I have $242, here's what the plan turned into;

- Dual-Core 3GHz Pentium D 830 | 800MHz Front Side Bus | 2MB L2 Cache -- This processor will easily be overclocked to 3.4GHz on stock cooling.

- I'm using my own PSU and case on this one. I simply couldn't afford $30 on a cheapo-case with a generic 450w PSU. Instead, I'm using my own trust-worthy 300w PSU (heh, keeps my mother sane on the power bill too I guess xD), and my ancient ATX full-tower beige box (with black spray-painted faceplate -- yeah, it's ghetto, but it's original!). I'm going to blow-torch the side panel so that I can mount a fan on it, to suck fresh air into the processor.

- 800MHz nForce RAM -- 2x 2048MB sticks (total of 4096MB -- 4GB :P) - Pretty straight forward; it's not the most RAM but it's what I could afford, and will perform well under XP Pro 64-bit.

- GF7100P-M7S Motherboard - NVIDIA GeForce 7100 -- Gigabit LAN, USB, 4x SATAII - A good board, the only complaint is the 4GB maximum of RAM because of the 2 DIMM slots.

- nVidia 9400GT 1024MB - Sure it's not an 8800GTS, but it's got a high amount of RAM and a decent clock. I could always bump up the clocks a bit if I wanted to, I could easily squeeze 80-100MHz more out of it.

All this for -- $245!!

Now, naturally I still have a bit of a timeframe worked out. Once I start my job at CVS, I'll have a steady income of money. My planned upgrades (in order);

- New PSU -- I need at least a 500w for the long run.

- Gaming case -- this beige box is on life support. You'd think I was running Windows 98 on this thing I got now! I don't want no fancy flashy case, I want a sleek, black case with highly-breathable sides, etc, and lots of fan ports. I'm not an LED fan either, so I won't be getting any of those.

- Monitor - I want at least a 22". My minimum requirements for a monitor are; 5ms response time or lower, 2500:1 contrast ratio or higher, and 1680x1050 resolution or higher. Why is a monitor so low on my list? Because I have a ViewSonic 19" Graphics-Intense series monitor here (again, another beige toy, manufactured in September 1997!) that will do me well until I can get all the major upgrades out of the way.

I also play on Xbox Live. I play a various amount of games, and you can add me; my gamertag is xthund3rh3adx.

My order should arrive from TigerDirect on Tuesday or Wednesday, at which point I will have a buttload of photos for you all to drool over. Stay tuned.

-- You can follow me through this at my personal site; http://mm3.xx0r.info:9193/

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I'm not too happy with my comp I got at the start of 2008, so I'm gonna change parts of it...

currently it's a Win XP box with

AMD Athlon x2 64 5600+ I think thats 2.8Ghz or something.

Gigabyte GA-M52S-S3P

and a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 2600 pro.

so next month hopefully I'm gonna change a few parts to

a MSI K9A2 Platinum 790FX mobo

a AMD Phenom X4 9950

and two Radeon HD 4670 in crossfire X

i'll also get a quieter psu

I'll keep the 2Gb of ram I have for now

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Lol. No I can be on the computer outside for 2 hours on a nice day


It was too cold today and too hot yesterday, but the day before yesterday it was perfect and I sat outside on meebo for along time.

Besides leaves don't bther me, and dirt wasn't getting on stuff so im fine. Muds a different story. Im pale and could use some tanning any way.

[Edit] Hahaha. Thats rock, not dirt behind the macbook...

And it actually is an environmentally BETTER notebook so why not?

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Thought I'd share a couple pics of the mess I had last week. I rarely have less than 6 machines at my house at a time, but last week was crazy, because I had 2 extra PCs and 1 extra laptop. Needless to say, my girl wasn't happy, because for the time being, I had to put the computer desk in the bedroom. LoL. The smaller silver Dell Inspiron Laptop and the silver Inspiron Desktop are mine. The black Dell Desktop and Gateway laptop are repairs for friends. The HP Media Center Desktop is a repair for my cousin, and the opened up Emachine is a rebuild I hope to sell soon. Epson printer, 3 1TB Western Digital HD's, 2 Dynex Wireless Cards (Internet connection is in the living room) running off Belkin Router, and not pictured are another Emachine rebuild and an IBM Lenovo Thinkpad I need to replace the backlight in to sell.



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