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Behind my Monitor is an External Harddrive and a printer that prints 4x8 photos.

Not seen in the photos are my 16GB iPod touch and my new black iPhone 3G. I have an iMac in another room. I am also waiting for that Mac Tablet or for upgraded MacBook Pros. Then I'll buy one of those as well.

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I didn't put a lot of money towards this PC, I don't real game (except CS)

Intel Core 2 Duo e6300 @ 1.86 Ghz

Asus P5B Conroe 965P

OCZ Gold XTC 1GB DC (2X512)

Segate Barracuda 320GB SATA2

Samsung 18x Dual Layer DVD+/-RW

eVGA GeForce 7600GT KO 256MB PCI-E

OCZ GamerXStreme 600W 24Pin

Antec Super LanBoy

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yeah, I'm just about finished getting the 'place nice and clean. I don't plan on doing any more 'reorganizing' for a long time -- and yeah, hopefully sometime soon I can get a cheap LCD and put the CRT back into the closet and give back it's "spare monitor" status. Hah.

And -- looks like I need to paint pretty soon.

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what OS?

windows xp pro sp2


CPU: intel Pentium E2180 @ 3.2GHz

CPU Cooling: Thermalright Ultra Extreme with Scythe SlipStream @ 1200rpm

MB: Abit IP35-Pro

Memory: 2x1GB Transcend AxeRam DDR2 1066MHz with Arctic RC coolers

GPU: nVIDIA 9600GT @ 700MHz/1700MHz/2000MHz

HDD1: Western Digital Caviar 250GB 8MB cache @ 7200rpm SATAII

HDD2: Seagate DiamondMax 22 500GB 32MB cache @7200rpm SATAII


Sound: Altec Lansing 321

Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 913N

Mouse: Logitech MX510 @ X Track Pro HS mousepad

Keyboard: Apple Keyboard

Printer: Canon LBP-3200

Scanner: Canon LiDE 60

Case: Cooler Master 690 with Zalman MFC2 (black69)

Power: Seasonic S12-II 500W

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