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It's funny how familiar your old Compaq-laptop looks to my HP Compaq 6720S. I never thought, they'd change so little over the years. :)

Yes, I have checked out a lot about your laptop. I think it has Bluetooth which mine lacks. Here's the site http://tinyurl.com/6ge758. But, I am trying to get a black $1,400 MacBook. I think I will try to get a work permit for Wal-Mart. Anyways, I got mine a week after Christmas.

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Indeed it will, I've realized this a while ago. Unfortunately, I don't have the money nor the space to get a bigger desk...

If I DID have a bigger desk, I could cut down on the redneck furniture style like I am now with that sub. It would look a lot cleaner, give me more room, and be more organized... but what's the fun in that? :P

*sigh* :slant: I need $.

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This is true. It is better on the floor, but at the moment 1.) it isn't being used (I have the one on the desk for the time being) and 2.) I need it to keep the server's monitor on the same level as all my other machines... It's the only thing that's the right amount of length to put on that drawer that will raise it just enough to match the desk.

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Where?! O.O?

Oh, and -- I got a shelf installed above my desk! My lamp, speakers, etc are all on top of the shelf. My desk is a lot less cluttered now (Bebi)! Gotta take pictures when the sun is up more xP

Heh, yeah shelves help a lot, so glad I did that with mine.

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