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I normally don't post in this thread but I found myself very bored tonight.

I'm running a custom built PC

Asus P5k Deluxe Mobo

nVidia BFG 8600GT


2x 320GB SATA HD's

HP DVD-R/W+Lightscripe

I'm using a 19inch wide ProView monitor.

I use this for DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Visual Studio 2008 and Blender.

Oh, and ofcourse Call of Duty 4!


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I can't take pictures worth shit, either they're too dark, or over exposed from the flash.

You can't really explain the quality of the Mac Pro till you actually see one in person and looked in side and what not, it is a work of art. It heavy as shit (65lbs), but feels like a tank. Damn thing also runs crysis which blew my mind, (highest settings, 25-30fps).

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Temp setup till I get enough money for speakers, new mouse, and a proper monitor. Had to steal my brothers when he was sleeping :D

Finally got your Mac Pro Timan how do you like it, Borrowed my roommate 24 inch Accer until Apple release updates to their Cinema displays, I want to get a 30 inch apple cinema display but for now I just have to use my roommate display until i get my own.

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