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It's a really good case. I have the same one (I pulled the HDD out of my LaCie and put it into this case). It's the NexStar 3 by Vantec. Well, that's what it looks like to me in CubanPete's shot, but I might be wrong.

You are correct bro! That's the case and its quite impressive, right Cuban?. :D

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Nice setup Don Mateo...but isn't that the 24" Samsung, not the 22? I ask because I have the same monitor. :X

Thanks, it is the 22", though the case design looks the same on the 24 so they can be confused.

And yeah, that old trackball is acting up, though it's been pretty reliable for about 6 years. I'll probably get a new mouse one of these days.

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Dude thats a great setup and the camera quality is also good.. i m hunting for a good camera.. which one are you using or shall i say which one did you use to take this pic.

Thanks :)

The camera is actually just a Canon PowerShot A530. It was cheap, but it's a decent camera. Go with Canon. The picture quality is almost always excellent.

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