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Awesome setup, Jjpeacha! What is the Wii connected to? Is there a TV lurking somewhere else in the room, or is it somehow connected to your laptop or iMac?

The Wii's connected to the t.v behind the laptop. I was going to spend some money on a new 42" LCD but that would dominate my whole room, and I had just seen a iMac (funnily enough in "PC-World"!) and fell in love it it instantly.

@ phantom_lord

Yh I know the laptop is still good but after using an iMac it seems slow, irritating and just rubbish. . . I loved it before though!

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@ phantom_lord

Yh I know the laptop is still good but after using an iMac it seems slow, irritating and just rubbish. . . I loved it before though!

Reformat w/ XP, or switch to Linux :).


The Flickr Set

New Workstation....tried to clean up a bit; re-arranged a few things;...

Preview of new workstation: (old workstation also in the Flickr set)





My PowerBook works great...still can't wait for my MBP to be fixed though :( It misses me from under my bed :(

PS: yes that is real cocaine :P

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Sylvania 26" 720p HDTV and a Dell 17' hooked up to my desktop system

which is a 2.1GHz Athlon 64 X2, with Geforce 7600GT Dual DVI, 1GB DDR 800 Dual channel, 200GB HD

(just out of frame in the lower left corner.

my G4 mini, also hooked up to the TV with a DVI to HDMI adapter, and its two external HDs up on the shelf with the eyetv.

my server can be seen under the desk, which is a 2.0GHz Athlon 64 X2, with a Geforce 7300, 1GB of DDR 800 single channel, 500GB SATA HD, which shares the 17" dell screen with the desktop

my macbook pro there in the corner, with the stereo, cable box, and printer behind it

my XM Pioneer Airware in front of the printer (I also have a Sirius Starmate 4, but it isn't shown)

my old car stereo on top of the subwoofer, used as a tuner for the stereo, which has a poor quality built in tuner, hooked up to an outdoor antenna. and a various assortment of glass insulators on the shelves.

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Windows XP SP2

CRT display 17"

Core 2 Duo MX 4400 2.00 GHz

1GB Memory DDR2

160GB SATA II drive

16x double-layer drive

nVidia 8500 GT with 512Mb memory (DDR2, sadly, I wanted DDR3 :))


Debian Etch 4.0

No display

AMD 2400+

512 Mb memory

80 Gb ATA (aka PATA) drive

CDRW gone to dad's house :)

nVidia FX 5200 with 128 Mb (will go to my dad's house soon, my brother needs it desperately)

Backup server

Slackware, manually trimmed down

No display

Pentium 133 MHz

16 Mb

850 Mb drive

Floppy drive... oh, it's disconnected :)

Trident 9440 with 1 Mb


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The Wireless is alright. I'm switching it back to a wired at the apple store just because when I go to windows (for some windows-only programs) the bluetooth or something resets and I have to set it up... its a pain... well in just mac os x its great. the only thing is I am also not moving around and not sure about having to use batteries...

The monitor is great. I originally had purchased the w2007 (20") but then I had a problem with that... the pixels on the left were all broken and the next day none of them worked... I am sure it was just a shipping thing. I exchanged it at circuit city for the 22" and it is great. The one downside is that the back of it is a tad large... and since my desk isn't too long I had to move it into a corner and put my keyboard next to it instead of in front. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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I was visiting with my Great Uncle last weekend, and he had an HP system with that 22". He said he had problems with it w/ Vista, that the maximum resolution wasn't supported. When he went back to XP, after my influence, he was much happier with the max res. It's gorgeous.

@ thefox: I recommend using Synergy to allow you to use only one mouse and keyboard for all those machines you have. Cleans up a lot of the clutter ;)

I might post a tutorial on setting it up later...

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I used to have synergy running from the mini, but it got wiped out when I upgraded it to Tiger, and I never bothered to reinstall it

Update: after installing synergy once again, I've hidden the other two keyboards, leaving me lots of space to pile junk in front of my TV now, YAY! (note how the mac mini can't fill the entire TV screen)


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I've had a few people on paltalk, even Anthony of the Opie & Anthony show himself, say my desk looks like some sort of NASA control setup. lol My chair does roll, but my plastic floor mat has worn out and cracked, so I need a new one soon. I have a very small room, so I just got a big corner desk, crammed everything on it, and left the rest of the room to waste in a pile of mess. I'm hoping to eventually get a shelf up in the corner, and put the cable box, printer and stereo up on that, and have the TV below it, opening up the wall space where the TV is now for my spare 19" monitor sitting against the end of my bed (and maybe a new iMac once the mini becomes too old and annoying to mess with)

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Didn't have time to do the whole Flickr thing, but here is my latest shot(s). All the specs are the same from the last two shots on Flickr. See my signature for links to those and my specs in my other link in my sig.

I will add them to Flickr later and post the details as I usually do....look for an update to this post if you're even interested :P.

I use synergy now to use the Microsoft Mouse/Keyboard between both computers :D.



Once again....see sig...once again....will add to flickr later.

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