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- Acer 19" Widescreen LCD X193w

- Altec Lansing BX2 Speakers

- Motorola c139 Tracfone

- Dane Elec 1GB USB Flash Drive

- iPod Touch 8GB

- iPod Touch Box

- Wallet W/ Apple Sticker

- LG Wireless Mini Mouse

- Dell Multimedia Keyboard

- Pentium 4 (1.7 gHz) - 512mb RAM - 40 GB HDD - nVIDIA GeForce FX5200 (256mb) - Windows XP Home SP2 -

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I've had it since March and it's great. It's got 2 HDMI ports so I can plug my PS3, 360, and cable box in.

No issues with it as of yet, doubt I'd have any it's a great tv all around.

40" is getting small to be honest, at the time it was a huge leap for me due to my previous tv (27" sansui tube tv :P) but now i want a bigger one. maybe a 52" Bravia.

Hah, 52" is huge. Thanks for the information too.

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haha, if I did that I would have NO IDEA where anything was :confused:

That makes perfect sense. :P

Anyway, yea. I'm like, never happy unless my room is clean. Its like I'm OCD or something, I don't know. :slant:

Anyway, yea, my older (17) bro is like you too. He yelled at my Grandma for "straitening up" his room last week. I felt bad for her. :(

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@Phantom Lord: some good stuff there, but treat it with respect, man! In the first picture, your MBP is just sort of standing around, your subwoofer is lying on an old Mac. You could probably throw a lot of that stuff out to make it a clean setup (why would you need an old Mac, B/W TV, strobe light, etc?). Just saying that the reason most of these setups look great is because the users keep them clean and organized.

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Actually, there is a low platform off of my desk that my subwoofer is sitting on...;)

my old Mac is pretty useful, actually. I use it regularly. Why? experimenting :D.

I use my black and white TV for Manhattan's public broadcast. I do not get that channel on Cable. Also; it comes in handy during blackouts and such.

Strobe light is fun :D. Blinding people that walk down the hallway, makeing fake lightning outside.....endless possiblilities :D

I took the photos so show what it looks like....regularly....

well; heres the equation;

small room + losta crap = messy

if I get the time I'll clean up and repost :P

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A Tale of Two...

My workstation


...is quite sad because it doesn't have a fancy LCD monitor :P.

  • IBM ThinkCentre [1 GB RAM, 2.66 Intel Processor, runs Ubuntu Gutsy]
  • Infinity 5.1 Speakers
  • Gateway EV700 Monitor
  • Micro Innovations Keyboard
  • IBM Optical Mouse
  • Two Moleskine Squared Notebooks
  • Two iPod Nanos (1G, 2G)
  • Microphone

all of this situated on top of a wooden desk.

The server next to it


  • IBM NetVista [1.8 GHz, 638 MB, 40 GB HD] (Runs on Ubuntu Server)
  • A Keyboard. I like to think it's a hat.

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OS 10.5.1 - Leopard

20" screen

2.4GHz Intel

Core 2 Duo

1GB memory

320GB hard drive1

8x double-layer SuperDrive

ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB memory

Nintendo Wii


Acer Aspire 3630

Windows Vista Ultimate

1.6GHz Intel

15.4" Crystalbrite Widescreen

1.5GB Ram



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