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My Workstation and stuff... This setup is only temporary until I fix my desk and buy a new TV and Monitor. I will also be getting an Xbox 360 to replace my old Xbox. So Eventually when it is done probably around early 2008. I will do a before after type thing.




5G iPod 30GB;

1G iPod Nano 4GB;

1G iPod Shuffle 512MB;

2G iPod Shuffle 1GB;

1G iPod Touch 16GB

MacBook @ 2.16 GHz;

Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse.

I do own a iPod Mini but not shown in picture. iPod Mini Silver 4GB;

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Thank you, Mac Intosh. :) Well... it's clean in most of the time. Sometimes few books, notes or something like that, but I like it most where there is nothing beside my hardware.

And yes - I need a new keyboard and mouse (speakers too). Aiming for Apple hardware propably. :D

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Looks dope. I'm getting my new Apple keyboard soon with my iPod touch. How does the keyboard compare to the old one (in your opinion of course)?

The new keyboard is heaven compared to the older apple keyboard. It requires less "effort per stroke" that it seems like it improves the speed of my typing quite a bit with better accuracy as well. I really don't use the usb ports though, kinda forgot i had them here. Also, the keyboard doesn't play nicely with my Belkin USB KVM (which i don't use anymore anyways).

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Beware, I found out that the Mighty Mouse was in fact a bad mouse and opted for a Logitech one as remplacement.

Otherwise, their keyboards rocks :)

I personally own the Wireless one and am using it now... It is great. It is awesome but every once and a while it does mess up. Sometimes I can't scroll down but 10 seconds later I will... It doesn't actually waste a lot of batteries... I've had the wireless mighty mouse for about half a year and only changed it once... which was last week... I use the mouse all the time to so It isn't like I barely use it and then have to change it... the batteries last long.

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