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Mac Pro

2.5 GHz Quad G5 Processor


1 TB Hard Drive space ( 1 750GB and 1 250GB Hard Drives)

Standard Apple Keyboard

Standard Mighty Mouse Optical Mouse

Mac OS X Server

KDS 17" Monitor (I really do need to upgrade)

BRS-900 BOSS Digital Recording Studio

Currently Beta Testing Mac OS X Leopard

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Can't take picture as of now, but here's a list -

Samsung 19" Syncmaster 940BW

Athlon 3000+ 64 Bit 1.88Ghz

512MB RAM (upgrading soon)

160GB HDD Hitachi Deskstar (****IN' Speedy)

JBL Speakers

Others -




Creative Soundworks + Subwoofer Surround Sound

iPod 80GB

DS Lite (flashcart for *backups*)

PSP (3.40 OE for those who know about PSP's)

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@ PLmatt... is that a Lian-Li case you have... if so I have an identical one also with the same mouse and keyboard! Nice setup

Yeah, it's a PC-61 case from Lian Li. I hate my monitor though, I want a widescreen, and this has a weird res (1400x1050) So I have to always resize stuff like wallpapers especially. And I wanna look into a new mouse and keyboard soon since I might upgrade with new computer parts, OR I buy might a new iMac :D

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