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OK Enough of you guys showing of the beauties you use. Now lets taste some beast.. i meant the ugly ones! and take some sugessions!

So here they start:

Need More of this, take this:

Actually this is my pc.. Laptop not shown!

To tell you guys a fact , my dad left using ma pc just because it was sooo disorganised. And bought a new MACBOOK , gotta tell you guys, its coooooooooll....

By seeing all of your coolly organised desktops, i m determined to organise mine too, by the way the table is taken from IKEA.

All the suggessions are invited and awaited!


Forgot to tell but the cable ties on the keyboard will be used to tie the cables so that they will not be seen!

Suggestion: Try removing the rubbish and putting the sub on the floor. You'll get better bass that way anyway.

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Oh that seriously affected that audio performance. Nontheless, it hasnt stopped giving that annoying extra bass effect, i think the sub is gone. So now i wanna buy a new one but dont know why. I'll probably open another thread, because getting help in that topic would'nt be suitable here!

Anyways Have a nice day!

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you guy have got some really nice setups and nice monitors... and yea for you guys i may be a small guy, but just wanted to tell ya'll that i just recieved my 19" Widescreen BenQ monitor, so i dont have to sit on my 48" Sam. LCD TV.

haha man .... if you wanted a 19" monitor I would have traded for that TV. :P

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