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Sony K800 iTunes Theme (update)

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Ok after getting my phone fixed for the second time, same problem: it Died, I updated my iTunes theme to make what I think is a more defined skin than the other one.

Hope it is worthy of appraisal, and I also hope more people have bought these phones, because they are remarkable, aside from the firmware problem with plugging it into the usb port, the screen going white, and me having to pay 20$ in taxi fares each time to get it fixed.

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I made alot of animated icons for my E1000 phone, problems is, i like having a phone I can test skins on.... (im at times a perfectionist...) so I havent attempted for other SE phones. I would really like to know some way of changing the icons on my K800, it would be brilliant.

If you would like me to experiment for a particular phone I can. I can make animated stuff (for example start up animations and stuff) and I consider myself pretty good at it. I however dont really like animated background images, im more hooked on making icons for phones. If you would like me to try anything in particular, tell me and Ill give it a go :)

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