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20' aluminum cinema display

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hello folks

i have a 20' cinema display and i'm using it for my windows XP Pro, it seems too bright to me every since i upgraded the Video card " ATI Radeon 1900 XTX". Right now i'm having trouble trying to recalibrate it by using Adobe CS2 " as some of u might know there's an option for recalibration"

Anyway, i'm looking for a proper phosphors values and white point for it, can anyone give that to me , i'll appreciate it i would like to thank u in advance.

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Sorry for getting back so late 'cause i still have been googling around, thanks for ur tip i actually did ask around and a few said the same thing as u, but then i found this it's from Apple site


Apple Cinema Display (DVI and ADC)

Red X=0.640 Y=0.340

Green X=0.300 Y=0.600

Blue X=0.150 Y=0.100

i left the gamma alone at 2.20 and the wihite point is 6500, it came out pretty good..this is for those who want to enhance their Cinema display (for 20' widescreen only). Anyway wat do u think Vale?

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Ok, here's what I came up with: It's a technical data sheet for the complete line of cinema displays from Apple (20", 23" and 30"), covering the calibration. (Don't worry, it's still understandable).


Basically, Koldenhof (the company that tested these displays, came up with a white point of 6900 K for the 20" model. Also the gamma value of 2.20 is pretty much accurate. I read the sheet a bit further, but I see no mention of recommended phosphorous values. But I have been proven wrong before ;) , so maybe the data sheet will help you along a bit more (that's of course if you haven't already read the same data sheet already, lol

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