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Hello, I just wanted to let you all know if you don't know yet that there is a cool blogging community my friend found on the internet, it's called VOX. It's really cool actually, they have an easy to use blog, they have tons of themes to choose from, also you can upload photos to add to your blog. They also use the tagging system so you could easily sort out your photos, music, movies, etc. I have been using this for over a week now and I love it! Probably the best one I have used so far, alot better than BLOGGER in my opinion. You can add members to your list by adding them as a neighbor, by doing so you get to see the most recent posts they have written, also if you know the member even more, you could add them to your friends category. This blogging community is very easy to use and has tons of features! They also have a pretty easy WYSIWYG system for posting an entry. If you are not comfortable with people seeing your blog, posts, pictures, etc. you can set it so you can only see it or friends can only see it.

They are currently in BETA and the only way to get in, is by Invitation if your interested in joining please PM me your "NAME" and "EMAIL".

I currently have 5 invitations left, so hurry!

First come first serve!





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