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"Beta" of AveDesk 2


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Hi there

Thank you for this v.2 try out Ave and the widgetdock is very cool .

Since there is no bug thread for v.2 here is a bug that got crippled but not killed .

" - tray icon now reappears properly when explorer.exe reloads "

In my case tray icon was always there after explorer.exe reloaded in v1.3 but the same thing happens with v2 . After explorer restarted i got invisible desklets like v1.3 plus this message .


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Ave...are you looking for bug reports for 2.0 beta? If not, I'll stop posting any, but I ran into one this morning

Tried to change some label properties on a PIDLshortcut

Desklet Properties/Label Tab/sublabel/shadow/settings button throws a "debug assertion failed" error. If I click "abort", Avedesk closes immediately. If I click "ignore" 4 times, the shadow settings box pops up. If I change any setting and click OK another "debug assertion failed" box pos up and I have to hit "ignore" twice and the change I made is applied. If you need any more info , let me know.

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I have a small problem. When I was using 1.3, the avedesk process was quite harmless, taking at most 4% of the CPU. Now in 2.0 the process stays between 7%-10%, and it's a bother, cause some of the things I do require that 10%.

I have 3 PidlShortcuts, an Avetunes (DCTunes skin) and 2 Sysstats (vertical calendar and dockweather), but the same setup existed in 1.3.

Other than that though, this is a damn great app. And the add desklet thing rocks!

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