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"Beta" of AveDesk 2


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Due to me being incredibly busy with other stuff, I decided to release the current version of AveDesk 2 as a "beta" for everyone.


Stuff Implemented

  • UI has been cleared up: using the XP font now everywhere, tooltips, etc
  • Proper lighting for the rotation effect
  • AvailableDesklets API (eg. for widgetdock)
  • Add-a-desklet dialog
  • bunch of new APIs
  • debug console [herd]

Implemented, but not working yet

  • Sublayers
  • Policies
  • stand-alone desklets

Bugs killed


- fixed a bug where rotated layers would not be fully rendered. [ave]


- fixed so-called "ghost desklets" bug. [ave]

- fixed bug with desklets not showing up when animation was enabled.[ave]

- fixed closebutton going behind the desklet bug [ave]


- newly installed fonts from AveInst-files will now be reconized by desklets: All desklets will be restarted automatically to make the fonts visible to GDI+. [ave]


- fixed threading issue in main rendering routine, making avedesk crash. [ave]

- hotkeys now finally work. [herd]

- tray icon now reappears properly when explorer.exe reloads. [herd]

- control panel will now be reactivated when it's visible but not the

front window. [ave]

- fixed threading issue with IDesklet::ObjectModel implementation. [herd]


- fixed problem with non-ascii languages not being able to input text in avedesk text controls (sendmessagew/ wm_syskeydown problem). [ave]






http://mpj.tomaatnet.nl/WidgetDock.rar (graphics are ripped)

use on own risk. etc yada yada.

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well, new releases are awesome. :)

actually, I really like the new "add desklet" box. it's much improved. The theme management is a really nice step forward. The preview is very handy.

that's about as far as i've gotten with it so far...oh yeah, option for starting with windows is nice too.

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I'd advise you to backup your existing AveDesk folder first and existing themes, should you wish to not lose your previous settings or something goes wrong :)

Themes location: C:Documents and Settings(Your User Name)Application DataAveDeskThemes

Works really well Andreas, very smooth animation and all existing 'desklets' and 'docklets' work :)

Btw good idea for creating a new thread Andreas ;)

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Are avethemes supposed to be backward compatible with this v2beta? I tried to load up a 1.3 avetheme and it didn't work. :(

Any ideas how to do this?

Ignore all that above, my theme wasn't copied correctly :P

PS, thanks Andreas for releasing it for us to try out :)

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Installation: copy files over an old 1.3 installation.

Known bugs: must be floating around somewhere

Backing up themes: not necessary actually - theme code hasn't changed.

AveThemes are compatible.

What do you guys think of the widgetdock?

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Love the widget dock.

I like being able to visually see the skins for Avetunes. Guess this is where the difference in tastes are.

As for everyone giving their kudos. The upgrade to the control panel & the theme browser is wonderful. Looks somewhat similar to umm *cough* desktopX but, that's one of my favorite features in it as well.

Keep up the great work. :)

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Hey Ave,

once again, fantastic work - this looks and works great! As others have said, I really like the previews you get in the 'Add Desklet' dialogue - makes things much simpler.

One thing I noticed different in the new PidlShortcut desklet is that there aren't as many formatting switches for the label. I used to be able to display the percentage of free/used space using the %pF switch but this doesn't seem to be useable in the new version. Unless I'm missing something here?

Anyway, thanks for your continued hard work and making this fantastic app (one of my absolute faves) available to the community for free!

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My Systats widget isn't working.

It's Lucid Weather.

The + sign that changes from current to future temperatures will not respond.

Both 1.0 & 1.0 LE work for me. Though I dragged from the control panel to desktop. Did you try a reinstall of Lucid?

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