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The Last of my First Car

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Hi everyone, i guess this is my first release here at AS.

I had my birthday on August 2nd and my car stolen the morning after right in front of my house. My new iPod was in the mix and more so than the monetary loss.. i had my personal photo & vid library of family and friends in it.. the thought that some stranger's grubby eyes are ogling my personal memories makes my blood boil. Anyways, I digress.

I was feeling kinda down over the weekend so I went and bought my first camera and took my first photos last night. Mind you I do not know a lick about photography besides always feeling like I'd probably have an eye for it. I've always held the to desire to shoot people as a focus, though, all I had around me was inanimate objects last night. Yea.. I'm a party animal.

Anyways, this is my first photo taken on my first camera of what's left of my first car in homage to my first stolen car (not a dart.) Please be kind :)


Included are these size variations:

3360x1050 - for dual monitors in spanned desktop mode

1680x1050 Left Monitor

1680x1050 Right Monitor

1440x900 Left Monitor

1440x900 Right Monitor

1680x1050 - Single Desktop

1280x1024 - Single Desktop

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Thank you piniata!

Still no info on my stolen car... I'm going through the motions of emotionally distancing myself from the experience; it's beginning to work but I just hope my identity doesn't get lifted, and I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to get to Burningman this year... And I only have a few more weeks to get my act together..

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Raul its on his dA.. under Picture: (well its the details for his pic obviously..)

Make: Canon


Shutter Speed: 1/60 second

F Number: F/5.6

Focal Length: 55 mm

ISO Speed: 400

Date Picture Taken: Aug 7, 2006, 12:00:33 PM

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damn.. i wasn't paying attention in that I didn't know all that info could be parsed out of the image's metadata. Kinda nice as you could recreate a shot if so desired. Fun stuff.

So yea.. I purchased a Rebel XT.. I figured it would be good enough to learn on.. @ Mitts81, thanks for the comment, helps with the confidence thingy ;) Especially since I'm very new to photography and I've already developed a strong admiration for those skilled at it.

I have another shot I'll release soon, when I have the time, I like it even more and would probably be a nice wallpaper as well.

Here's a preview:


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