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Well, seems it starts tomorrow (at least the keynote). So instead of having multiple threads popup about it, lets keep it simple and all here. Any rumors, speculations or anything that leads up till the official announcement can go here aswell.

Anyway I'll start it off with what I found on digg which was quite amusing...


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I have a few questions.

If they announce like new Macs or iPods, how long does it usually take when they are available to the customer, and does it take longer for the european customers?

Is there a big price drop right after the WWDC for the old hardware, or not?

All this because I wanna buy a Macbook (Pro) and just wanna know if I should wait a bit longer. :)

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Usually the products they announce get to the stores after a couple of days, the price usually stays the same while the product gets better. To Europe it propably takes a couple of weeks 'till it gets there.

I think you can go ahead and buy a MBP although you can just wait 2 days to see what they announce and then be sure you're buying the latest.

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In OZ its the 7th of August already!

Why can't Jobs live in Australia and release everything early?...

hmmm Leopard... wow this is going to be amazing me thinks, let the cat out of the bag and start a whole new 'vista' vs 'leopard' debate...

I agree. Stupid Northern Hemisphere. Why can't they just chop off the other side of the earth and glue it in line with the southern hemisphere. It would make this so much easier. (well, excpet that we would all die and the earth would go out of orbit.)

I cant wait till the new products.

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yep I would love to have a universal version of Office given that I can get it for free thanks to a deal between my college and Microsoft, also I've got sick of typing the same command onto the terminal everytime I start a non universal app (due to a bug with universal shapeshifter)

A price drop would piss me off as I just got my first ever mac :mad:

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whos got a live update text feed of WWDC keynote? TAB's IRC coverage will have comments enabled...

I want a reliable, stable and *quiet* source... thanks


1 hour, ~20 minutes! Bring on teh Leopard.

I want that banner that Timmeh found a picture of. Anyone care to steal it for me? :P

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i wanna see how much faster the new core 2 duo memron processors are on the new macbook and macbook pros then the yonah based ones out today. also like to see some of the new features of leopard and if it does indeed come preinstalled with bootcamp and all the necessary drivers, and also any improvments on their wonderful programs and apps.

hasta la vista, vista.

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