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Prison Break

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Well, I'm not very good at Photoshop and maybe I should use Illustrator to make my wallpapers in. I'm not sure. It probably doesn't matter too much.

Anyways, I made this one in Photoshop. It's a Prison Break wallpaper as you can see from the title. I love the TV show. If you havent gotten a chance to watch it you should try to get a chance.

Anyways, I've made this wallpaper. It's not that good because my Photoshop skills are close-to-embarassing. But maybe someone here will just enjoy it's simplicity.

All right, enough with the talk? Here it is:


Also, I forgot to say, suggestions are appreciated.

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The wallpaper is nice and simple, but I suggest you get or make a grunge brush set and make a layer mask to get the grungey effect in the prison break logo. Also, if you are just making them simple like that probably make a full set of them.

When does Season 2 come out in USA? I dont want to wait untill it comes on here in Australia, so I might start getting the episodes form USA.

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