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OS X Keyboard help

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Hi everybody!

since i just bought a mac, i've been having some issues (one of them since yesterday evening) with my keyboard. Since i know pretty much nothing yet about the keyboard i have two questions.

1) How can i type square brackets? Am i blind not finding them on the keyboard?

2) Here's the bigger deal: for some reason yesterday evening, i managed to reverse the shiftlock & numpad functions. What i mean is, before yesterday evening i could type normally type lowercase letters with having activate a special function and i could type numbers by holding shift. Now, i can't type anything without activating by default the numpad key (F6) and the shiftlock key. They have both a green glow now.. If i deactivate them i can only type numbers and no letters..

Any help on this? Especially the second prob :(

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That keyboard layout does look different than US one... but anyways, see if this helps. Try using Shift or Alt on curly bracket keys. Normaly square brackets are located on the same keys as Curly brackets.

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