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Hi there!

It has been a long time without updates for one of my projects - Unit Converter Plus. The last public alpha was released in some last days of 2005.

Now I'm proud to present you a new version of UnitConverter+. Features:

- 1:1 Dashboard Unit Converter widget graphics

- similar unit groups

- one new group not featured by Apple - the Data units (kilobytes, megabytes and so)

- more new units in some groups (you gonna like it)


- open XML file with units for you to customize, localize, tweak and extend your conversions

Download from my box.net

Attention! For LATEST AveScripter only!

Some important notes about currencies

This version can update currency rates from the web. It saves them to units.xml file, so you can use UC+ for currency conversion even in offline. Modem users might get the connect window appearing every minute or so. If you have this problem, you should disable the automatic updates by flipping the desklet and putting 0 (zero digit) into the edit field. Still the widget will require internet connection when you enter the Currency unit group. If even this annoys you, put off the checkmark on the backside of widget.

In this public beta there's no manual update button. Manual currency rates' update can be reached in these steps:

1. Set "Update..." checkmark on

2. Be online

3. Exit and enter Currency group once (go to Length units, for example, and thyen return back to Currency)

In less then 10 seconds you will have it all updated.

But xDSL and other traffic charged users may have the full autpomatic updates enabled - this will only produce about 1KB of incoming traffic each time the widget requests currencies.

P.S. Phil, I've got problems with avedesk.philc.ca again - it didn't approve my upload twice. Your PM box seems to be full. All the best to your wife and baby!


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If anyone misses his own currency in currency convertor, here's the tutorial how to add your currency to the conversion list:

1. Check out the currency list in the attached file (see below this post). It contains the codes for totally 151 currencies from all over the world. If your currency is not there - I'm very sorry, but there's nothing to do with it. But if you see it there - find and remember a three-letter code next to its name, then proceed to the next step.

2. Go to [your AveDesk folder]DeskletsAveScripterUnitConverter. Find the file named 'units.xml'. First of all back it up to somwhere (if anything goes bad you can restore it momentally). Now edit the original with Notepad or your favorite Notepad substitute. For your own sake close AveDesk or just Unit Converter widget while editing that xml.

3. In that file find the following

<group id="10" name="Currency" onenter="EnterCurrency()" onexit="ExitCurrency()">

It is usually located on the 98th line of file, but everything can change, so you better find it.

Now between that line and the closest one below which contains '' text there are the currency rates. Each string normally contains one currency.

4. Now copy the last line with currency (the last line before '' string) and paste it again before '' string. In this new line set the name parameter to your currency name (literally as you would like to see it in the widget); change the id to maximal id in this group plus one (usually just add 1 to existing id). Now remember the three-letter code I asked you to remember in the first step. Set it as the CID parameter for your currency. Now, if you have an internet connection, you might proceed to the next step. If you don't, let's continue editing.

Calculate the rate of your currency to USD (how much bucks would they give for 1 point of your currency - or it's just 1 divided by the price of US Dollar in your country). Put this number as scale parameter for your currency.

5. Save 'units.xml' and run Unit Convertor Plus widget. Go to Currency group, if you are not there yet. Wait until the end of web update (if it is enabled) and try to convert your currency to USD first. You should see the very familiar number you see in financial news and foreign exchanges.

Now enjoy converting from any currency to yours and vice versa!


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Hi Rimmer, this is really cool but I'm having one problem when I go into the currency converter all kinds of error dialogs come up and there is a "1" under currency. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the updating of currency rates because it give me those errors every minute.


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