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Styler Tooltips

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I wondered if anyone knew whether or not it is possible to diable the toolbar tooltips in Styler, or alternatively to set a longer delay before they appear.

If not, then I wonder if anyone knows how to completely disable all tooltips in xp. I've already got rid of most via the registry, but some, mostly those for ouside apps, remain. They must all be generated by windows though, as they all share a common design, meaning that there must be some way to disable them permanently.

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That registry hack does disable some of the tooltips in xp, but never ones created by other applications, and that one alone won't get rid of the control panel tooltips or those on the start menu. I'm curious to know if anyone's managed to get it done in styler.

As for Percept, more or less done and dusted now. One last subskin to tidy up, and this time NO BUGS. I've used every subskin for at least a week, as well as had testers test it throughout the whole process.

I'm more than happy to write a tutorial for Styler. Won't take more than 20 minutes. It's the easiest program I've ever designed for, and that's why I love it.

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