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There is a way to display findexer by default?

I've tried register/unregister, restarting explorer.exe, but nothing happens

a .reg patch, something?

I read entirely the thread but I haven't found any solution for this.

please help

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I was wondering if its possible to change the font of each item individually.

Here is a example of how i want to make FinderXer.


If its not possible to do this i hope somebody can bring up a solution. Thanks :)

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I had used this on XP and missed it when I upgraded to Win7 Pro x64, but found that it does work with this OS. However I am having one little annoyance that didn't exist on XP (that I did want but now regret wanting that, doh): whenever I click on an item, it opens in a new explorer window. Is there a way to disable this? Thanks.

FindeXer version: b538

Edit: Now I remember why I wanted the items to open in new windows....QTTabbar. I found a version that works on 7 and now everything is as it should be (items open in new tabs now, w00t).

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