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I like the look of this app but I am not switching from Kabal's FinderBar because of two problems I having. One, when I click on an object in Findexer a new window opens but I lose the icons I appled through Icon Packager and it shows only the default window icons. Two, when I try to use an icon from the Panther icon set for an object in Findexer, it shows up with a black "halo" around it.

Is anyone else having these specific problems? Please let me know, cause everyone else seems to be happy with it ...?

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@mtasquared - a simple search for "findexer new window" would give you three answers that have already been given before - also one of them is just a few posts above yours in SirSmiley's post...

@Ballena & all - i apologize, i was about to release a new version, but decided to postpone it in order to add another 2 features some of you have been asking for a while now... - i started editting the 1st message and stopped in the middle, then got a bit confused and changed it back wrong... :confused:

fixed it now, and hope to give you this update soon...

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Thank you again for this must-have app!!!

Worked fine until...

I installed ie7 a while ago but since I develop websites I decided to go back to standard ie6 after I found a a way to install ie7 standalone. Since then Findexer(n3) no longer opens by default. It registers ok, shows in Explorer & IE, even works with new IE window but not with explorer. I tried everything, reread the thread twice (2hrs) fiddled with regedit, restored IE to default etc...

Again everything works exept "Load FindeXer in Every Explorer Window by Default"

As I said this is a bit of a drag since I spend a lot of time in explorer for work & dev but until I get it working again I might just consider this as a new goal in my life. (trying to turn despair into zen here :confused: )

By the way, any donation possibility insead of paypal (my bank doesn't support it)?

EDIT: Disrigard this, I :confused: didn't reboot. Kill task wasn't enough...

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I already made my donation and I wanted to show you guys how it looks in a Mac.


After I bought a Mac I had to install Parallels to run Windows. I still need Windows because there is not Autodesk - AutoCAD for Macs. It'll only run in Windows!

So having to see the horrendous look of Windows inside a Mac was too shocking.

Then I have used all this years of experience in customizing Windows to...do it again!

Here you will see Windows running in Parallels and customized with the Mac look.

Thank you Alianyn for this tool.

Note: the finder on the right is the Mac Finder


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Greetings, everyone.

This is my first post on the Aqua-Soft Forums. First of all, I'd like to thank the creator of FindeXer for making such a great explorer plug-in. Besides that, I have a request to make. I have downloaded several Mac icon packs and spent quite some time looking for the default Finder bar icons within those but couldn't find all. Actually I did find them in one of the packs but those have distorted transparency which appears black when used.

I'd be grateful if someone would zip and upload the default Mac Finder bar icons for me, or direct me to some URL where I could find those specifically, without having to go through searching 1400 icons in an icon package to no avail.

Many thanks in advance.


Haroon Q. Raja.

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Hi again.

Sorry about requesting something which had already been posted on page 5 of the same thread

Origional Finder Icons


* from "1400 Mac Icons" - under the folder "system"

Thanks lukevink; your uploaded zip archive doesn't seem to be there anymore but the mention of the pack and the "system" folder helped - guess I just had to search while fully awake. heh.


Haroon Q. Raja.

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Obviously you can't replace a dll file that is in use.

Here's a dialog box script that uses WSH to register/unregister the dll.

Do the following.

1. Run the script.

2. Enter path to current aka old Findexer.dll.

3. Choose unregister

4. Kill explorer in task manager

5. Start Explorer again from task manager

6. Replace old Findexer.dll with new one.

7. Run the script

8. Enter Path to the Findexer.dll

9. Choose Register

10. Kill explorer

11. Restart explorer.

I've never had a problem doing it this way.


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