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FindeXer is an Explorer Bar that replaces the Folders/Info Pane with a much more customizable one.

You`ll be able to drag in (for addition) and out (for removal) ANY file or folder - including special folders such as “My Computer” or “Control Panel”.

Files dragged in and selected, will be opened up by the default Associated application, while Folders will be opened up for viewing by the Explorer Window.

FindeXer is NOT a .NET app! it was coded using C++ and ATL/WTL - so it can be as small and as fast as possible (without coding it in ASM and posting in about a year).

Lots of customization options, one of which is the ability to “get rid” of the Grey Titlebar, Enforced by Explorer on all sidebars. Just select the appropriate option in the General Appearance tab of the Options Dialog, and Poof - it`s gone.

This is V1.0 it should be FULLY USABLE - but it will be actively developed as well as a few other apps.

Features coming in the next Versions of FindeXer :

  • FindeXer Default View for Explorer Reg. file.
  • Animations (Drag out “Poof” for example).
  • Item Info mini-display.
  • Customizable Info Tooltips.
  • Drive Mounting Detection.
  • Detection of an Item`s Relocation.
  • Item Sensitivity Slider.
  • Drop on item Adds to Folder or Executes if it`s a file.
  • Bar tabs.
  • Language/Color/Animation Customizing.
  • And much more (well, I have to leave some surprises for later…)


  • If there`s anyone with a good working knowledge of the registry, please contact me. I`m having no luck getting FindeXer to display as the default view. I`ve tried the solution used by ja450n for Kabal's FinderBar - but it does not work. Though Kabal's is .NET app so it works a bit different...
  • I`ve also tried to create a FindeXer and LessClix logos but so far have come empty handed - if you have some ideas or better yet, can help by creating something - please let me know...

Please :

  • NO FEATURE REQUESTS... The development is full of queued stuff at the moment, there will be enough time for those LATER!
  • Read the Readme! (a shocking concept - i`m sure ;)) and Enjoy...

Update :

  • Vista Compatibility - Due to popular request
  • CD/USB detection and window syncing
  • A more "Lively" settings - with great Icons by Mrrste.
  • A lot more i can't remember - work was done too far apart to keep a good record of what was changed.

Fixed :

  • Folders not opening on the same explorer window in Vista
  • Version was not working on x64 versions

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Quite the good start at actually integrating the finder look into already the existing explorer. However, the biggest draw for the Finder (from what you can tell by all the clone attempts) is the behavior of the finder and the manner in which it displays information.

I also take exception to the .NET comment. I can't say I respect your work nearly as much for making such an ignorant comment.

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Going to test this ASAP O_O

Awesome. Love the queued features!

Edit: Cool. But not having it as a default view for every folder makes it kinda useless for me, but apart from that, congrats that you managed to get rid of the ugly caption bar!

I'll definitley use it, once it'S able to be displayed by default. :)

Oh, and you got a typo ("defualt") in the color choosing thingie

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I also take exception to the .NET comment. I can't say I respect your work nearly as much for making such an ignorant comment.

The fact that you disagree with my comment, doesn`t make me (or my comment) ignorant. Without going into what i wrote and HOW it was written (because i think it has nothing to do with this thread), It was in no way meant as a bash at .NET - it means exactly what it says.

However - your calling my comment ignorant (just because YOU decided it is) is highly offensive, and so, shall be dismissed.

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Ok...got it. As I'm using styler tool bar I have to add standard buttons to get to the view menu. Then I select FindeXer then uncheck standard buttons and I'm left with the crappy text menus still.


How do I get round this. Can't find the options dialog.

I will have to do the same for every explorer window open too?

Apart from this...looking damn neat I must say.

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@bh2 - yeah should be simple enough...

just do it differently - open up Styler :

1. Under the Toolbar tab UNCHECK the option to "Hide Menubar[Explorer]"

2. Now using the Explorer Menu : View->Explorer Bar->FindeXer (To activate FindeXer)

3. Check the "Hide Menubar[Explorer]" on Styler again.


I think that should work - that`s what i use when i hide the Explorer Menu and want to use an item from it...

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Yep that does it for me...thanks for your help and a super app. Now I shall have to get used to using one explorer window!

edit...just found the options menus...bloody hell! This is the best maculation app since styler...well done!

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Hi alianyn,

Great work on the app and thanks for *not* using .Net. ;)

I've noticed some slight display/scrolling bugs, that I'm sure you have also and look forward to your updates. :)


Hi alianyn,

I was just thinking: I'd love to be able to program one of the Styler toolbar buttons to turn FindeXer on/off. - by the way, it works just fine with Styler as I've seen no conflicts as of yet.

Even a Ctrl+ key would work well...

Thanks in advance

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Jesus Christ, this is amazing! I used to use Kabal's FinderBar, but I didn't like it due to the fact that A) it didn't have any seperators, and B) it had that annoying "Finder Bar" text on top of it. All I need is the Reg File to start it up automatically, and it'll be amazing!

Oh yeah, and to everyone having the resizing problems, if you are talking about that grey patch at the botton, just go to the FindeXer options, and on the first tab, where it says "FinderBar Frame", just move it from "No Titlebar" to "3D (Grey) Title Bar with Caption" and Back to "No Titlebar", it just kinda refreshes it.

Anyway, amazing proggie, can't wait to get this baby started with explorer.exe ;)

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Yes. I see that bug - it is a result of the way i get rid of the grey titlebar. I think i can fix it, I just never noticed it before (nor did any of my testers).

Meanwhile, evilmnky204 is correct - that "refreshes" the window's dimensions.

[EDIT :] It should be fixed now - please re-download and re-install to test. let me know if there are any more problems.

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Yeah, maybe if you can integrate it as the new 'Folders' pane as in when you call up to show folders on explorer, you will get the FindeXer pane, and, on most styler toolbars, there's a button for folders, so that would probably work out very nicely in the end.

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@alianyn, just out of curiosity, is there a way, presently, to have FindeXer as an 'Explorer Bar' entry be available to styler to be used in a skin's 'toolbar.ini'?

for instance:

;Button Band

Also, is there a simple way to check if my system has the Visual C++ Libraries already installed?

EDIT: Read the readme... but didn't get to the bottom before making the post ;)

MAKE SURE you have the MS C Runtime Libraries For VS2005. You may do this by going into your Windows Directory

(usually c:windows) and from it to a directory named WinSxS (this is the windows Side by Side Directory - Where your CRT's are kept) - check for the existence of directories

including the text "VC80" - if they exist, you should be OK to install. If not - you will need to download and install the MS C Runtime Libraries For VS2005

Thanks in advance,


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