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Free Zooomr Pro accounts for bloggers!

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Zooomr is a photo sharing site quite similar to Flickr, minus a few features but plus a couple cool ones that Flickr lacks. Zooomr 2.0 will also be released this Friday which will add a slew of new features, stability, and speed increases. Zooomr recently announced that they are giving away free pro accounts to bloggers! A pro account which you normally have to pay for, will get you 2 GB monthly upload limit versus the 50 MB that free basic accounts get.

One of things that we hope Zooomr will become in the months ahead is the photo sharing site of choice for bloggers to host their images on. Since we’re new though and need to get the word out we thought the best way to get bloggers to use our site, in addition to building killer blogger friendly features, was to invite all bloggers to join Zooomr and give them a free Zooomr Pro account.

To get your free Zooomr pro account:

1. Sign up for a Zooomr account.

2. Upload an image or two.

3. Publish a blog post featuring your image hosted on Zooomr.

4. Post a comment on this Zooomr blog post with a link to your blog post featuring the Zooomr hosted image.

5. Wait awhile and enjoy Zooomr pro goodness!


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