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If You're Looking For Office X Icons

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btw, is there no microsoft access on a mac? (that's part of my ms-office for a long time now)

the mac style office document icons are pretty cool, but i can't change the icon of access databases right now... now is there an icon at all? or is someone creative enough to make one?


ok, a little more precise: i mean the document type icon for mdb files. not the one of the application itself.

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I see no one remembers who ported these icons from Mac OS X in the first place. Believe it or not I did, almost three years ago. Of course with this site going up own as it has over the last 2 years I don't expect anyone to remember or care. But if anyone wants every single last one of the Office v.X icons I can repost them. They are of course in ico format from 128x128 to 16x16. If you want them in png you will have to do the converting yourselves. I just don't have the time to convert them. ;)

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Maybe I should ask it friendly so you'l do it:

Can you please delete my icons out of this iconset?!

Hein Mevissen



All icons available for download on this site or on other sites are copyright © 2003 MiXthepiX/Hein Mevissen. All depicted brands or products are trademarks of their respective owners. The icons (individual icons or sets) are intended for personal use on your desktop only. The icons must neither be modified in any way nor be converted to any other file format or operating system. They must not be incorporated in any other media (digital or print), in whole or in part, without permission from MiXthepiX/Hein Mevissen. All icon sets have to remain in their original states and must not be redistributed without the Read me files accompanying the sets. The icons must not be redistributed, sold or exchanged without written permission from MiXthepiX. MiXthepiX can not be held responsive for data loss or any other circumstance caused by using these icons. By downloading this file you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of use.

Copyright © 2003 MiXthepiX/Hein Mevissen, All Rights Reserved.

Hein mevissen [w] www.mixthepix.com [e] [email protected]

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