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Rumshot is an application for Windows similar to SnapShooter (Mac OS X) developed by Andrew Powell. Rumshot is designed to create a beautifully framed preview in a few seconds, as well as taking screenshots of your desktop. Rumshot supports themes for its frames, the program itself comes 18 themes - you can also find various themes for your frames on the web, or easily create one. I decided to create this guide because some people were having a hard time using the program.

Using Rumshot:

The Basics:

# Installation: The latest build of Rumshot comes zipped, there is no installer, you just extract the file and run Rumshot.exe. However Rumshot won't start unless you have .NET Frameworks 2.0 installed, please note that the BETA does not work. If you do not have it grab it here. You can put the Rumshot folder anywhere you want on your computer, as long as all the files stay together.

# Themes: Many people got confused on how to use themes, actually this is a very easy step; all you have to do is to copy the .rstheme file to your Rumshot Themes folder, which can be found in My Documents.

# Screenshots & Previews: Whenever you take a screenshot and save it, Rumshot will automatically save a preview image, you can make the preview by moving Rumshot around the screen. This can get a bit tricky if your preview is located at the bottom of the screen for example, to make things more comfortable (you must have clicked Take Screenshot to be able to this), you can use the Pop Out Preview button. This will hide all the borders and only display the preview frame itself, therefore you will be able to access harder areas and get a better preview of the frame that you're about to save. Once you have selected an area on your desktop that you'd like to use as preview, just hit the button on the top right corner of the frame then hit Take Screenshot.

The latest version of Rumshot allows you to save the screenshot and the preview in different formats, this means you could save the screenshot as JPEG and the preview as PNG for example, to do that check Save Screenshot and Preview as different formats and then hit Save Screenshot, after you've done that all you have to do is select a file type from the drop down menu and save the screenshot, another dialog will open after you've saved the screenshot asking you in which format you would like to save the preview.

# Other Features: Near the Pop Out Preview button, lies the Toggle Settings button, clicking this will display more options such as the ability to control the quality of the JPEG image of your screenshot and preview, use a solid background color to the background of your preview and choose whether you wish to update the preview in Real-Time or not.

Making Your Own Themes:

Before we continue, I strongly recommend you to unzip a Rumshot theme (yes the .rstheme file works just like a ZIP file) and take a look of what's inside. You will find one or two PNG images and an XML file.

Use premade themes as a reference and a base for your work, it will just make things a lot easier and give you a big boost. The first step of creating a theme is obvious, you create an image of 500 pixels wide and 140 pixels large (recomended), design it and then (the most important part) save it as a transparent PNG image. You can create two images if you wish to have another image on top of the preview itself (I strongly recommend you to take a look at the Postage theme which already comes with Rumshot).

After you have designed the frame, create an XML file (or even better, use another one as a base) and edit it in any text editor (there is no need to use programs like GoLive and Dreamweaver, Notepad will do).

Now I'm gonna act as you're using another XML file as a base, since writing a new one is just a big waste of time, especially if you have no knowledge in XML. I created this template that you can use for the configuration of your theme, just replace what's in italic with the correct values.

<name>[I]Theme Name[/I]</name>
<desc>[I]Description of the theme[/I]</desc>
<date>[I]Date the theme was created[/I]</date>
<version>[I]Version of the theme[/I]</version>
<email>[I]email of the author[/I]</email>
<www>[I]URL of the author's website[/I]</www>
<filename>[I]Name of the PNG image goes here[/I]</filename>
<width>[I]Width of the PNG image goes here[/I]</width>
<height>[I]And the height of the PNG image goes here[/I]</height>
<x>0</x> [I]These two lines define the position of the frame[/I]
<width>500</width> [I]These two lines define the size of the frame[/I]
<x>10</x> [I]These two lines define the position of the shot[/I]
<width>479</width> [I]These two lines define the size of the shot (must be inferior to the size if your preview)[/I]
<layerpos>0</layerpos> [I]This defines the position of the layer[/I].

I strongly recommend you to take a look at this, it was created earlier but it makes thing much clearer concerning the XML file of the theme. (Remember to save as XML)

If you have two PNG images just add another tag identical to the first one (also remember to ajust the position, the best way is the create an image identical to the main frame even if the image itself is a lot smaller, you just save it as a PNG with transparent parts around it).

That pretty much covers everything about creating a theme, you can add as many layers as you want as long as you follow the same procedure.

Oh one more thing, when you're packaging the theme do not put the PNG and XML in a folder then zip it, you should directly zip both files and rename the zip file to .rstheme. Otherwise the theme will not work.


As you may have noticed Rumshot is still at a pretty early developement stage, the program will improve with time and include more and more features. This help guide will be updated with every version of Rumshot, I am also willing to add missing things to this guide and take suggestions to make it better. Thanks for following the guide, hope it helped you at some point. :)



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This is very helpful ;) but for those of us who are dolts when it comes to coding and figuring out graphics, would there be a chance to request a preview theme to be made into a rumshot theme? I have a few in mind and although I'm pretty sure I could save the images properly, I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around the coding. >_

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