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Photo Booth like app for Windows XP?

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I dont know of one exactly like that, but if you have a supported logitech webcam, then there's this app you can get that lets you change the image into an animation of some kind of character, give you glasses, etc. That program might be able to apply filters and stuff to your image, but I don't know. Check out the loguitech webiste. http://logitech.com/

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Does someone have screenshots of Photo Booth?

I want to do a Windows XP version (not exactly with all functionality, but can try).

I've already done something similar, I'll post it as soon as I can find it.


Found it! Download here:



  • uses old avicap system.
  • do expect hangups and bugs.
  • I did this for fun a long time ago... maybe I turn it into DShow based and make it a good program.
  • yes it supports external plugins but I don't remember if it's implemented :)

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Your application is very promising matonga... another cool one. :)

I guess it would just need some UI makeover. I'll see if I can get photobooth screenshots, I've the app but unfortunately my iBook doesn't have video cam. I can also help you creating bitmaps and textures if you plan to turn VideoFX in photobooth clone.

Anyway, I got some problem with VideoFX. Check the screenie below. Any idea what might be causing it?


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I'm moving onto DShow which is another architecture for webcam image acquisition (among other stuff). This may solve your problem, may not solve it, or may make it worse. Whatever is the result, stay tuned for the DShow based release.


Please :) any Photo Booth screenshots welcome, even if I make it skinnable, I would need screenshots of each effect to try to understand and reproduce them.


Thanks for the info. The .ocx is shareware, and I'm trying to keep this freeware ;) I already downloaded a DSPack delphi component, it looks very promising.


You mean alpha blending as in 8 bit alpha blending? This will complicate things a bit (if you mean the window to have translucent parts).

But be sure I'll use PNGs there (I don't like bitmaps too much).

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Screenshots here

Some screenshots (like Image 11) are taken while photobooth in animating the transition (the arrows in the effect butotn are sliding from the button itself) and the main picture dezoom into the center.

Good luck ;)

PS : It stops at "Image 12" ,I'm still uploading ... so until you don't find it, please wait ;)

EDIT : Finished uploading. When the 2nd mode button is pressed, it takes 4 pictures, so the camera thing (after 3 2 1) light up progressively (1/4 of it is glowing, then 2/4, etc ...) Also it flashes the screen in white after the countdown, so it does like a flash (my iMac screen is very bright) while it takes the photo ;)

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This will complicate things a bit (if you mean the window to have translucent parts).

Yes I have been working on some Yahoo Widgets that use the hud look and I would love to make a skin for this app to match.

Example Widget: Quicklook Media Player

Flash Player


Music Player


This started from the idea of skinning VLC and I thought I would stick with something I know.

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OMG hahaha!

I forgot this ever existed!

I can't promise to make a plugin for some chat program :( (unless of course someone points me to the SDK of Miranda, Pidgin, MSN Messenger, or some API to intercept DirectShow when some app is frame-grabbing, such things would be very cool info to have).

About DSPack way (DirectShow lib for Delphi), I've taken a look to it, probably will use it in K! Media Center (VLC is a pain in the some-personal-part-of-myself) and for VideoFX too, if I happen to find the source code :D (probably to be fully rewritten)

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