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iTiger skin for L7,V3,.. .

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I got this working... mostly.

My problem is that my phone is a China mobile branded and flashed model. This is roughly the same as a Vodafone branded and flashed model (all the files are vf*). It has custom icons and has the right softkey tied to their internet service, along with custom startup and shutdown animations.

The result is that the icons dont all work. Some are the osx style icons, while some remain the same as before. Also there is just an empty space where the right softkey should be.

Anyone know how to bypass all the custom icons or will I need to reflash the phone?

BTW. For those of you who are getting the skins name in the skin list but the skin doesn't work, Make sure the folder has EXACTLY the same name as the .ski file!


Does this FW have chinese simplified charachters included? I live in China and need the phone to display chinese chars. This FW: L7V_Dark_&_Sity_Final_ACR_RB.rar

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