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iTiger skin for L7,V3,.. .

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one more question:

Wich DRM should I use to flash it? for the iTunes icon

how it would affect my phone?

in the "readme" file for the DRM is written what is included in the DRM...but I did not implemented the iTunes icon to the DRM packs..this icon will not take any affect to the phone functionality

you have non-Cingular cell phone..therefore the mma_ucp is written so, that you cant see in the menu the iTunes icon and run the iTunes...if you want to use iTunes, there is a little tricky with seem editing, that will give you Menu+5 shortcut for running iTunes on non-Cingular cell phones

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Hi everybody,

I have a question, if i dont want to use menu with 12 icons, i only need to install your skin with SkinMan, right? And if so, does the itunes screen works as the image above? I'm using vassio itunes with the "menu + 5" working way. Hopefully my English is not bad for you to understand. Thanks. :)

If you dont want to use 12 icon menu...just install skin from the skin root...there are 2 directories in the root called 3x3 and 3x4 and SKI file with DAT files..default the SKI file is 3x3...after replacing them with the SKI file from the 3x4 folder you will have a skin with 12 menu icons

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but how do i know that it is mma_up?

So, with installing the startup screens you dont have problems anymore, am I right?

If you are installing the iTunes...like Vassio, install it with MotoMidMan and be sure to have in properties after uploading only CORELet...than you can use seem triky for Menu+5 shortcut.

mma_ucp is "menu tree" file, it could includes the iTunes icon, but this will work only on Cingular firmwares.

But, why should I know which error do you have, and what is "mmm"? Has this something to do with iTiger skin?

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