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iTiger skin for L7,V3,.. .

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Hello everybody, take a look on my skin, in White and now also in Black

iTiger Black


Menu with 12 icons


DRM icons that were missing


New startup, shutdown animations + cl.gif


screen from Vassio iTunes - modified Vassio iTunes for Tiger skins


What is new in this pack:

- iTiger White - 3x3 a aj 3x4 + mma_ucp - for menu with 12 icons

- NEW iTiger Black - 3x3 + 3x4 menu

- NEW startup, shutdown animations + cl.gif

- NEW startup and shutdown audio tones

- NEW screensavers

- NEW wallpapers

- NEW iTiger DRM icons that were missing + some gifs for creating your own DRM sets

- Vassio iTunes White and Black for iTiger skins

- all skins are compatible with SLVR L7, V3, V3x, and so on .... .

You can download it from:


Have Fun.

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hi! thanx for this beautiful skin...

but i have a problem with my v3x.

after i install the skin and restart the phone, the display has the wrong size. it is to small...not the complete display.

anybody has this problem to??

greetings from


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Hi! I´m new here... and from Paraguay (south america) , I have a L7 Cingular Unlocked, and I want to put the iTiger skin(very nice skin!!) 3x4 icons on my phone, can I do this with Skiman..? and other question....: If I chage to 3x4 icons this will change or erase the itunes icon ????? please help me !!!!

I´ll apreciatte your help!



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welcome alega

first, make a backup of L7, best with MotoKit - FullBackup

if you would like to use 3x4 menu skin - you can use prepaired 3x4 menu skin be my, or you can use SkinMan for installing it - it is easy

but standard is 3x3 menu set in phones, therefore you have to replace the "mma_ucp" file in /a/mobile/system/ in which is menu tree stored - you can do it with P2KTools - dont forget to have backup (if problems will arrive)

1. backup

2. replace mma_ucp

3. install skin

4. restart phone

5. be happy

to iTunes icon - you are using L7 from Cingular - this firmware has iTunes integrated, ok, the icons of iTunes is stored in DRM graphics, this icon is not in the skins, dont worry

good luck

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Hi Sajoman!!, thanks for answer me , I tryed to put 3x4 icons menu, : first I installed mma-ucp (yours) and them the itiger skin , but don´t work...(itunes menu erased, and ... I do it everything with skiman, and now I returned to the oem cingular mma-ucp and itiger skin 3x3 menu...I don´t Know why doesn´t work , maybe because my firmware is R4517 and bootlaoder is different....than the other SLVR L7 version R4513 ( sorry but i don´t speak and write very well.....I speak spanish) I hope you understand... ;)

Thanks, and i´ll be waiting a possible solution.


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I do not think that problem is directly in firmware, Cingulars phones includes iTunes and the mma_ucp is written so, that you have a iTunes icon in the menu. My mma_ucp does not include iTunes icon in menu, there is one triky how to run iTunes with non Cingular firmware - the seem 0002-0005 , which will change some bits in flash and enable iTunes with shorcut Menu+5

Yes you would like to have 12 menu icon skin, mma_ucp with 12 menu tree is needed, you can prepair your own mma_ucp, how to that.

1. backup

2. extract mma_ucp 3x3 from phone

3. open mma_Convert (all software you can find here - http://www.handy-faq.de/forum/downloads.php?do=cat&id=7 )

4. the program will convert this file

5. open Menu Editor 23 - and open the converted mma_ucp - add new 3 lines to your tree - it is on you which one line will you add

6. save it

7. open mma_Convert - and open the new edited mma_ucp (edited) - and convert it

8. upload it to phone, restart phone

9. you will have now 3x4 menu tree, cingulars edited mma_ucp, install skin

10. enjoy

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